The New York Philharmonic Live from North Korea

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Executive Produced & Produced by
Paul Smaczny

Directed by
Michael Beyer

Executive Producers
Tom Baer
Gabrielle Babin Gugenheim
David Horn
Song-Kun Pang

John Walker
Jean Wittersheim
Hyok-Ki Hong

Line Producer
Oliver Rieger

Director of Photography
Nyika Jancsò

Martin Baer
Jürgen Clemens
Rolf Gihsa
Eugen Gross
Manuel Lucentini
Andreas Naumann
Karl-Heinz Nitschke
Christian Schulz
Andreas Splett

Technical Director
Hak-Dong Joh
Bok-Yong Chun
Rainer Kampe

Si-Woo Eim

Vision Control
Matthias Block
Daniel Düsdieker
Hung-Yong Park

Jae-Hyeun Ha

Sound Technician
Frank Mosch
Myung-Jae Lee

Assistant Sound Technician
Yong-Seong Lee

Technical Assistant
Yoon-Keun Kim

Transmission Coordinator
Mostafa Bibak

Assistant Director
Martin Feil

Vision Mixer
Barbara Saxer

Floor Managers
Sabine Koch
Claudia Groh

Assistant to the Producer
Maria Stodtmeier

Production Assistants
Birgit Filimonow
Robert Urmann

Public Relations
Frank Gerdes

Balance Engineers
Toine Mertens
Georg Obermayer

Audio Producer
Christopher Alder

Operations Manager
Martin Hammer

Production Coordinator, MBC
Helena Park

Production Manager, Arte France
Pascal Aron

For Euroarts Documentary Unit
Ayelet Heller

Michael Boomers

Camera Assistant
Andreas Köppen

Production Manager
Alexander Helsing-Hu

For New York Philharmonic
Music Director
Lorin Maazel

President and Executive Director
Zarin Mehta

Director of Public Relations
Eric Latzky

Artistic Administrator
Matías Tarnopolsky

Operations Coordinator
Brendan Timins

Production Consultant for North Korea
Michele A. Balm

For ABC News
Bob Woodruff

Executive Producer
Rudy Bednar

Senior Producer
Ann Reynolds

Director, Foreign News
Chuck Lustig

Clark Bentson
Margaret Aro
Beth Loyd

Associate Producer
Bryan Taylor

Sharon Kaufman
Bram Harris
Ruth Iwano
Mike Mongulla
Gina M. Pampinella
Bud Proctor

Francois Bisson
Jane Hartney

Magnus Macedo
Giovanni Battista Grimaldi

Coordinating Producer
Cara Cosentino

Line Producer
Mitch Owgang

Chief Engineer
Frank Graybill

Scott Lozea
Laura Young

Audio Editor
Jon Berman

Jeff Dockendorff
Charlie Kirby
Sean Riordan
Roman Rossell

Production Assistants
Jessica Lacombe
Kristen Sonntag
Michael Weinstein-Reiman

Shaun Kilroy

Tape Operators
Michael Nickolas
Frank O’Rourke
Kirk Rosario

Transmission Engineer
Nat Tam

Graphic Design
B.T. Whitehill

Business Affairs
Arlen Appelbaum

Director of Program Development
Bill O’Donnell

Executive in Charge of Production
Neal Shapiro

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