The Nutcracker from the Royal Ballet

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Television Credits

Based on a story by
E.T.A. Hoffman

Music by
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Lev Ivanov
Peter Wright

Julia Trevelyan Oman

Peter Wright

Directed for Television by
Ross MacGibbon

“The Nutcracker” from the Royal Ballet
The Royal Opera House
Covent Garden

Herr Drosselmeyer
Anthony Dowell

Alina Cojocaru

The Nutcracker/Hans-Peter
Ivan Putrov

The Sugar Plum Fairy
Miyako Yoshida

The Prince
Jonathan Cope

Drosselmeyer’s Assistant
Justin Meissner

Maiden Aunts
Diane Holland
Pauline Wadsworth

Romayne Grigorova

Dr. Stahlbaum
David Drew

Mrs. Stahlbaum
Elizabeth McGorian

Oliver Till

Clara’s Partner
Giacomo Ciriaci

Genesia Rosato

Luke Heydon

Dancing Mistress
Nicola Tranah

William Tuckett

The Dolls
Hubert Essakow
Jane Burn
Ricardo Cervera
Laura Morera
St. Nicholas
Richard Ramsey

Antoine Jully
Brian Maloney

The Mouse King
Christopher Saunders

The Snowflakes
Artists of the Royal Ballet

Spanish Dance
Vanessa Palmer
Nigel Burley
Julie Lack
Sian Murphy
Ricardo Cervera
Thomas Whitehead

Arabian Dance
Nicola Tranah
Christopher Saunders
Alastair Marriott
Maurice Vodegel-Matzen

Chinese Dance
Giacomo Ciriaci
Martin Harvey
Justin Meissner
Joshua Tuifua

Russian Dance
Bennet Gartside
Tom Sapsford

Dance of the Mirlitons
Jane Burn
Mara Galeazzi
Laura Morera
Leana Palmer

Waltz of the Flowers
Rose Fairy
Zenaida Yanowsky
Her Escorts
Victor Alvarez
Hubert Essakow
Yohei Sasaki
Edward Watson
Leading Flowers
Chloe Davies
Marianela Nunez
Rachel Rawlins
Jaimie Tapper

Artists of the Royal Ballet

Grand Pas de Deux
Miyako Yoshida
Jonathan Cope

Aunts, Uncles, Parents, Maids, Manservants, Revellers
Artists of the Royal Ballet

Children, Toy Soldiers, Mice, Gingerbreads
Rabbit Drummer, Pages, Sentry
Pupils of the Royal Ballet School
White Lodge

Students of the Royal Ballet Upper School

The Orchestra of the Royal Opera House
Shirly Laub

Conducted by
Evgenii Svetlanov

For The Royal Opera House

Commercial Director
John Harrison

For The Royal Ballet

Anthony Dowell

Administrative Director
Anthony Russell-Roberts

Artistic Administrator
Jeanetta Laurence

Company Manager
Robert Jude

Senior Stage Manager
Johanna Adams

With thanks to
The production and technical staff of the Royal Opera House

Rehearsal Director
Christopher Carr

Stage Lighting
Mark Henderson

Revival Sponsored by
The Friends of Covent Garden

For BBC Television

Graphic Designer
Steve Bonnett

O.B. Floor Manager
Adrian Bonfield

Production Team
Anna Antoszkiewicz
Sandra Shrago

Makeup Designer
Christine Vidler

Vision Supervisor
Graeme Carter

Camera Supervisor
James Day

VT Editor
Andrew Frampton

Production Assistant
Charlotte Gazzard

Vision Mixer
Priscilla Hoadley

Production Manager
Alison Havell

Engineering Manager
Christopher Bretnall

Television Lighting
Bernie Davis

Paul Cunliffe

Executive Producer
Bob Lockyer


Julie Andrews

Roger Sherman

Wendy Wasserstein

Production Manager
Mitch Owgang


Senior Counsel
Arlen Appelbaum

Coordinating Producer
Sonoko Aoyagi Bowers

Director, Program Development
Bill O’Donnell

Director of Culture & Arts Documentaries
Margaret Smilow

Executive Producers
Jac Venza


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