Vivere: Andrea Bocelli Live in Tuscany

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Directed by
David Horn

Executive Producers
Filippo Sugar
David Horn

Andrea Cotromano
Mitch Owgang

Creative Consultant
David Foster

Music Produced by
Humberto Gatica

Music Co-Produced by
Tony Renis

Music Recorded and Mixed by
Humberto Gatica
Alejandro Rodriguez

Laura Young

Additional Editing by
Gary Bradley

Coordinating Producer
Cara Cosentino

Production Coordinator
Fabrizia Cerciello

Lighting Director
Al Gurdon

Music Director
Matthew Della Polla

Associate Director
Sandra Restrepo

Stage Managers
Iain Patrick
Pippo Balestrieri

Production Manager
Vicki Betihavas

Location Manager
Rosemary Plum

Production Coordinator
Ian McGinty

Technical Manager
Brian Thomas

Engineer in Charge
Pier Paolo Piacentini

Vision Mixer
Sara-Jayne Phillips

Production Secretary
Jessica Lacombe

David Barber
Chris Chatfield
Mark Cruickshank
Barrie Dodd
Dave Emery
Anthony Freeman
Kevin French
Julian Harries
Dom Jackson
Pete Johnson
Duncan McLaren
Gary Tepper
Andy Watt
Carlo Tamburello
Massimiliano Tortora
Shaun Willis

Video Supervisor
Billy Steinberg

Video Tape
Franco Leggeri

David Cook
Darren Hodge

Board Operator
Ben Cracknell
Digital Engineers
Alejandro Rodriguez
Christian Robles
Jorge Vivo
Jochem Van Der Saag
Kenny O’Brien

Additional Audio Engineering
Pier Paolo Guerrini

Pro Tools Operator
Valerio Calisse

Music Production Coordinators
Courtney Blooding
Maggie Cashman

Audio Engineer
Andy Rose

Audio Record Supervisor
Tim Summerhayes

Recording Engineer
Mike Silverston

Sound Engineer
Dave O’Carroll

Sound Assistant
Alison Dales

Post Production Audio
Ken Hahn
John Bowen
Jay Fisher

Music Mastering
Vlado Meller

Alex Goodison

Production Aides
Marco Beltramini
Nick Boy
Michael Ponterotto
Pino Scimo’

English Translations
Kenneth Chalmers

Graphic Design
B. T. Whitehill

Taped live at Teatro del Silenzio
Lajatico, Italy

Special Guest
David Foster

In Order Of Appearance
Kenny G

Heather Headley

Lang Lang


Sarah Brightman

Chris Botti

Laura Pausini

The Band
Nathan East

Gregg Bissonette

Dean Parks
Ludovico Vagnone

Emilio Marinelli

Arnaldo Vacca

Randy Kerber

Orchestra Conducted by
Jorge Calandrelli

Orchestra da Camera delle Marche

Associazione — Societa’ Corale Pisana

“Il Sole” Sculpture Created by
Arnaldo Pomodoro

For Four One Music & Events
Event Promoter
Vittorio Quattrone

Event Production Director
Massimo Ferranti

Assistant to Massimo Ferranti
Maurizio Cappellini

Andrea Bocelli’s Business and Management Office
Almud Music
Alberto Bocelli
Veronica Berti
Carlo Tomba
Massimiliano Ballanti

For Sugarmusic
Chairman, Sugar S.R.L.
Caterina Caselli Sugar

Legal & Business Affairs
Lorena Pizzi

General Manager, Sugar S.R.L.
Riccardo Usuelli

Product Manager, Sugar S.R.L.
Massimo Cardino

Ted Harris
Michael Goldsmith
David Toraya

Business Affairs
Ranfi Rivera

Director, Program Development
Bill O’Donnell

Series Producer
David Horn

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