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Warrior Weapons
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Episode 1 traces the evolution of soldiers and their gear. From the phalanx formations of Alexander the Great to the gladiuses of the Romans and the longbows of the English, the film starts in a world without gunpowder, then examines the transformative arrival of the explosive elixir, and the matchlock and flintlock muskets, rifled
barrels, expanding bullets, automatic weapons, and assault rifles that followed. On the defensive side, we see how personal armor evolved, became outdated, then returned with the arrival of Kevlar and ceramic composites. And looking towards the future, we see the development of wearable exoskeletons that will one day soon make human soldiers stronger and faster, and advanced robotic soldiers that may one day replace them completely.

  • Anthony

    I wanna know how these cameramen got on my lane at Limaville without my knowledge! Sneaky, PBS. Real sneaky.

  • Shane have terrible servers, this is impossible to watch because of it.

  • Aik-Siong Koh

    Why is the video unavailable? ASK

  • Alf

    Why is the “Watch the Full Episode” key not active?
    How could others watch this video to comment on it when I could not play it at all?

  • Zoner

    Too bad I couldn’t get the server to deliver more than about three minutes of video. It looks interesting.

  • Philip W.

    Video is not available in Dallas either…why is “Watch Full Episode” in the title if no one can play it!?

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