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Timeline: Military Breakthroughs and Technological Innovations

  • Andrea S.

    What an amazing timeline! Very informative and interesting. I look forward to similar feature on the PBS website.



  • Neil C

    I would like to do some of my own research on the American inventor J. Walter Christie, who in the 1930’s, proposed a light- and fast tank with multi-arm independent suspension; finding no interest in the US, he sold his ideas to the Soviet Union – which brought out their T-34 tank. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  • G. Jay Christensen

    Your TV Ground War shows have been excellent. We have been able to tie in your excellent narrated comments and fine illustrations with 14-week Plato Society of UCLA on “War, Technology, and the Course of History.” I recommended to the Study/Discussion Group to see the last two episodes yesterday, May 26, on the local KCET. One of our members, Larry Hermann, found all your current episodes on this Web site of PBS. That site is going to be shared with all the Plato members of the Discussion Group.

    G. Jay Christensen, Coordinator
    War, Technology, and the Course of History

  • Santiago Nastri

    Your current posts usually have got many of really up to date info. Where do you come up with this? Just stating you are very creative. Thanks again

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