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The Mysterious Human Heart The Mysterious Human Heart border=
A Series by David Grubin

"The Spark of Life" Credits

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The Human Heart
Michael Bacon

Seth Bomse

Written & Produced by
David Murdock

Associate Producer
Lincoln Farr

Director of Photography
Eddie Marritz

Blair Brown

Jelly Television

Sound Recording
Gabriela Cunha
Mark Mandler
John Murphy
Roger Phenix
Ted Roth
Jerry Stein
John Toffolo

Additional Photography
Gary Grieg
David Murdock
Rick Thompson

Post Production Assistants
Mark Frank
Andrew Jenter

Post Producton Supervisor
Rachel Clift

Production Coordinator
Naomi Tan

Steadycam Operator
Alec Jarnagin

Steadycam Assistant
Edward Rodriguez

Ned Hallick

Kelly Richardson

Brazil Fixers
Blue Eye Films

Production Assistants
Rob Fiks
Tim Loyd
Julie Mills
Jason Tschantre

Charles Hoxie
Monica Orbe
Paula Orndoff
Zoe Viccaji
David Yim

HD Motion Control
Frank Ferrigno / Frame:Runner, Inc.

HD Online Editor
Evan Anthony / Frame:Runner, Inc.

Re-recording Mixer
Ken Hahn / Sync Sound, Inc.

Supervision Sound Editor
Neil Cedar / Sync Sound, Inc.

Sound Effects Editor
Philippe Desloovere / Snyc Sound, Inc.

Score Preparation
James Oakar

Special Thanks
Michael J. Ackerman, MD
Arvin Family
Joseph Bastien
Betsy Bogdansky
Karin Christensen
Domicio Coutinho
Doris Escher, MD
Tanya Elder
Paula Faria
Linda & Scott Hargis
Julie Haschel
Elizabeth Ihrig
Kirk Jeffrey
Neal Kavesh, MD
Kelly Recreation Complex, Lakeland, Florida
Jo Ann Klooz
Joel Kitchens
Traci Klein
James Maguire, MD
Nancy Martinez
Mary McCrank
Derek Miller
Lesley Norman
Oill Family
Sergio Rassi, MD
Carl Reiman and Family
Cynthia Tracy, MD
The Watson Clinic, Lakeland, Florida
Judy & Paul Wenz
Larry Wenning

Archival Material
The Bakken Library and Museum
BBC Motion Gallery
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Boston Scientific
Clarence Historical Museum
Getty Images
Greatbatch, Inc.
Ken Heyman
Lillehei Heart Institute
Medtronic, Inc.
Albert Morris
Lynn Oill
Bill Ray
Estate of Richard Saunders
The Saturday Evening Post magazine, 1961, Saturday Evening Post Society
SUNY Geneseo

Paul Motian, "Split Decision" (Yazgol Music)

Senior (or Principle) Advisor
Peter Libby, MD

Eugene Braunwald, MD
Penny M. Kris-Etherton, Ph.D., RD
Elizabeth G. Nabel, MD
Jeffrey J. Popma, MD
Karol Watson, MD
Nanette K. Wenger, MD
Douglas P. Zipes, MD

Program Development
David Grubin
Peter Libby, MD
Nancy Linde
Edward Perper, MD
Jeffrey Tuchman
Linda Wheeler
Anne Wong


Executive Producer
Jeff Bieber

Executive Producer
Dalton Delan


Associate Producer
Stephanie Carter

Project Manager
Julie Schapiro-Thorman

Additional Editing
Jay Slot

Additional Sound Editing
Doug Johnson

Business Affairs
Arlen Appelbaum, Esq.

Tim Fisher
Stacy Robbins

William R. Grant

Executive Producer
Jared Lipworth


Business Manager
Chris Wolf

Production Assistant
Anna Bowers

Production Executive
Bruce Mundt

Executive Producer
David Grubin

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Funding is provided by Medtronic, AstraZeneca, and Mars, Incorporated - makers of CocoaVia. Additional funding is provided by the Fannie E. Rippel Foundation. A co-production of David Grubin Productions, Thirteen/WNET New York and WETA Washington, D.C.
Medtronic AsrtaZeneca MARS Thirteen/WNET NEW YORK