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The Mysterious Human Heart The Mysterious Human Heart border=
A Series by David Grubin


video clips

A full explanation of how an ECG.

Electrocardiogram Library
A library of different ECG patterns associated with different types of heart disease.

Habits of the Heart: Lessons: Heart Diagram
A blank diagram of the heart, ready to be labelled.

Heart Diseases and Disorders -- Heart Rhythm Society
The Heart Rythm society describes a variety of electrical, circulatory, and structural heart disorders.

Heart Rhythm Disorders
A full look at heart rhythm disorders.

Image: Diagram of the Human Heart
A fully labelled diagram of the heart.

Long QT Syndrome -- Mayo Clinic
This page provides an explanation of Long QT syndrom, which leaves one vulnerable to fast, chaotic heartbeats that may lead to fainting -- and in some cases, cardiac arrest and possibly sudden death.

Long QT Syndrome -- American Heart Association
The AAH's page on Long WT syndrome.

Medline Plus -- Heart Disorders
A comprehensive overview of different types of heart disease.

NOVA Online -- Treating a Sick Heart
The NOVA program on different types of risks associated with heart failure and their treatment.

SADS: Heart Function -- How the Heart Works
How the heart works, and how it can cause sudden death.

The Whole ECG -- A Really Basic ECG Primer
Full instructions on how to read an ECG and identify patterns in the heart's electrical activity.

More Lesson Plans

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