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"Endlessly Beating" Credits

Michael Bacon

Don Bernier

Written & Produced by
Thomas Jennings

Mica McCarthy

Director of Photography
Thomas Jennings
Edward Marritz

Blair Brown

Jelly Television

Sound Recording
Wayne Bell
Roddy Blelloch
John Cameron
Mark Mandler
Roger Phenix
George Shafnacker
Jerry Stein

Additional Photography
Scott Anger
Brian Dowley
Mark Gunning
Rick Malkames
Mark Petersson
Buddy Squires

Additional Sound Recording
Andrew Jenter
Mica McCarthy

Post Production Assistants
Mark Frank
Andrew Jenter

Post Production Supervisor
Rachel Clift

Production Coordinator
Naomi Tan

Production Assistants
Anna Bowers
Ken Bowman
Dustin Drury
Nathan Ehrlich
Charlie Hoxie
Andrew Jenter
Paula Orndoff
Naomi Tan
Jason Tschantre
Melody Weinstein

Charles Hoxie
Monica Orbe
Zoe Viccaji
David Yim

HD Online Editor
Evan Anthony / Frame:Runner, Inc.

Re-Recording Mixer
Ken Hahn / Sync Sound, Inc.

Supervising Sound Editor
Neil Cedar / Sync Sound, Inc.

Sound Effects Editor
Philippe Desloovere / Snyc Sound, Inc.

Score Preparation
James Oakar

Special Thanks
Linda Addonizio, MD
Piero Anversa, MD
Anelechi Anyanwu, MD
Craig Baartman and family
Roberto Bolli, MD
Jose Charles
Jonathan M. Chen, MD
TJ Crawford
Stephanie Ennis
Lars and Maud Foldevi
Nickolaus Green and family
Charlotte Griggs
Siposethu Goxo and family
Biswajit Kar, MD
John Lawrenson, MD
Biddy Buchanan-Lee, MD
Nonceba Lubanga, RN
L. Joy Keener and family
Prof. Bongani M. Mayosi
Barry W Miller, CRNP
Nozuko Ngoqose
Sinazo Ngoqose
Emily Parker
Emerson Perrin, MD
Sean Pinney, MD
Mike Quane
Ronnie Smallwood and family
Patrick Sullivan
Joyce Wald, DO
Kathy Walker, MD
Stacey Walsh
Kathy Watson
World Heart Federation
Duke Medical Center
Mount Sinai Medical Center
University of Pennsylvania Hospital System
Wake Med Health and Hospitals
Groote Shuur Hospital
Red Cross Children's Hospital
With special thanks to Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital of NY-Presbyterian and its Office of Public Affairs and to all of the patients and families who generously participated in this documentary.

Archival Material
Getty Images

Senior (or Principle) Advisor
Peter Libby, MD

Eugene Braunwald, MD
Penny M. Kris-Etherton, Ph.D., RD
Elizabeth G. Nabel, MD
Jeffrey J. Popma, MD
Karol Watson, MD
Nanette K. Wenger, MD
Douglas P. Zipes, MD

Program Development
David Grubin
Peter Libby, MD
Nancy Linde
Edward Perper, MD
Jeffrey Tuchman
Linda Wheeler
Anne Wong


Executive Producer
Jeff Bieber

Executive Producer
Dalton Delan


Associate Producer
Stephanie Carter

Project Manager
Julie Schapiro-Thorman

Additional Editing
Jay Slot

Additional Sound Editing
Doug Johnson

Business Affairs
Arlen Appelbaum, Esq.

Tim Fisher
Stacy Robbins

William R. Grant

Executive Producer
Jared Lipworth


Business Manager
Chris Wolf

Production Assistant
Anna Bowers

Production Executive
Bruce Mundt

Executive Producer
David Grubin