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July 11th, 2008
Video: Introduction to the Series

Alan Alda gives an introduction to The Human Spark, a new series on PBS that explores the question, “What makes us human?” The Human Spark will premiere in 2010.

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  • t

    i’m really looking forward to this series

  • Karen Levine

    This intro really makes you want to go on tour with them – and feel like we will be able to through this site!


  • Rhonda A Fisher

    I’m curious as to why you would claim that the Neanderthals lacked the “spark”–because they died out? No verifiable language skills? Maybe the show will clarify this for me. Interesting stuff!

  • Steve

    I’m looking forward the show to but the video was wrong in two parts. Elephants seems to place themselves both in the past and the future in the same manner that “humans’ seem to do and even some birds. Humans don’t seem to stand alone in this….. Also Neathanthal man was able to do everything we can do other than last beyond their meeting with us in terms of culture that we were doing at the same time frame. To say we have the human spark and Neathanthal man didn’t is silly, based on the science.


  • Gerard Trigo

    Looking forward to the series. I wonder what they are defining as the human spark and I have hte same questions as Rhonda and Steve. Only, I extend it further than the Chimpanzee and Neanderthal.

  • KP

    Anyone that finds this interesting will love Jared Diamond’s book, The Third Chimpanzee-highly recommended!

  • Nelzo

    Go Alan Alda and Larry Engel!

  • yanick pierre-louis

    i wish you luck in your search because i myself have many questions with no answer .you may be on your way to find some answers for me. keep us posted..



  • margaret pusch

    just saw part 2 and found it fascinating. however, there is no reference to cultural differences among humans. That is my field so ai will buy the series video and think more about this

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