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December 19th, 2009
Web-Exclusive Video: A Conversation with Alan Alda and the Producers

Alan Alda, Series Producer Graham Chedd, and Executve Producer Jared Lipworth participated in a live webcast this week, hosted by the National Science Foundation. Watch them discuss the series with NSF Host, Maria Zacharias, answer caller questions and emails, and tell stories from the road – like when Alan got stuck in an MRI without his emergency button.

  • Bonnie Towles

    What could you be thinking? Taking pot shots at an artificial deer and laughing about various wounds to it during practice “hunting” is pathetic .. and sadly representative of the continued disrespect for deer and other animals by modern so called “hunters”. If you mean’t to illustrate why humans had to invent certain weapons and hunting techniques to protect themselves from dangerous animals, why use a defenseless deer as your prey? Such prey is for today’s “he-men” who envision their maiming and killing of deer as manly and a heritage “right”. I thought Alan Alda would be more sensitive …

  • J. Noel

    Ms. Towles shows both ignorance and disrespect for the PROVEN value of hunting in human species survival. Deer are by definition prey animals and research has proven the need we once had for hunters to provide high-value food for the primitive human groups which have existed far longer than the “kill it and package it for me” townie philosophers of today.

  • Jim Mauch

    Who’s feeling sorry about early man? If he didn’t get the deer he died. Tofu was not a fallback.

  • Travis

    The biggest problem Ms. Towles is having, in my opinion, is facing who we are as a species. We are not holier-than-thou demigods removed from the animal kingdom. We’re animals!

    First off, this program segment has nothing to do with hunters today who kill for pleasure only. I agree, these guys are hardly men; they’re cowards hiding behind beer guts and large caliber weapons. Frankly, they’re disgusting.

    Second, there is nothing wrong with hunting to provide for your family, even in the 21st century. Talk to some real hunters sometime, Ms. Towles. Talk to those who realize they are taking a life to feed their families when they aim that rifle or bow, and who respect the land and animals by not overhunting or being wasteful. Your ignorance is appalling.

    Finally, the deer target used her was only meant to illustrate the use of a spear thrower. Your knee-jerk reaction is frankly comical.

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