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May 8th, 2010
Intro to Evolution: How Did We Get Here
Video Segments

These brief video segments can be used alone or in combination, to introduce a topic or to spark discussion among your students. The video segments can be adapted for any grade level. Stream the video segments from the players below, or scroll to the bottom of the page to find downloadable QuickTime versions of the videos. These videos are also used in the lesson plan Intro to Evolution: How Did We Get Here? (Grades 6-8).

The Human Spark, selected segments

Links in the Evolutionary Chain
An exploration of some of the different characteristics that distinguish different branches of the hominid “family tree,” such as brain and face size, ability to make tools, and location.

Human Nature
A look at the ways in which monkeys and apes are similar to humans, not just biologically but mentally and socially.

Downloadable QuickTime versions of the video segments:
(Note: To download a video, right click on the video title and click “Save Link As…’ or “Save Target As…”. On a Mac, press the CTRL key and simultaneously click the mouse, then save the link.)

Links in the Evolutionary Chain

Human Nature

Inside This Lesson

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