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September 9th, 2008
In the News: European Magpie: No Bird Brain

When you look in the mirror, you instantly recognize the person gazing back at you as yourself.

Scientists use this reflection recognition as a test of self-awareness. The idea is that our ability to recognize ourselves underlies other higher cognitive functions.

Until recently only great apes and some other big-brained mammals such as dolphins and elephants were thought capable of passing the “mirror test.” Enter the European magpie.

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  • Bennadict Arnold

    that guy’s gotta be 1000yr.s old!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Paul Stojkov

    Is the magpie more black or white?

  • floydsghost

    Hey, you got something on your face.

  • nichole

    What’s up! Just wanted to say good blog. Keep up the good job you’re doing!

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