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September 18th, 2009
In the News: What Does Ape Behavior Say About Us?

Photo by Aaron Logan

One of the ways The Human Spark investigates what makes us uniquely human is by looking at our closest living relatives, the other great apes. Scientists are attacking the question of how we became human from a number of new directions – in addition to analyzing the more traditional hard evidence of ancient fossils. This article in New Scientist magazine explains several ways researchers are gathering data from primate groups alive today to gain insights into early hominid evolution. Tune in to The Human Spark’s second episode to learn more. What do you think these kinds of inferences can add to our understanding of where we came from and how we became who we are?

  • Wayne Godfrey

    How does God fit in to who we are?

  • Mike

    Science has been explaining who we are using natural explanations. There has been no need, considering all the evidence assimilated to date, to incorporate god into the picture.

  • Rodger Tocker

    Wayne, which one?

  • socratus

    Are we still physically and mentally evolving ? In my opinion the evolving path from monkeys to humans is still not completed process. We are still physically and mentally evolving.

    My experience. It was a hot summer day. In the zoo, near the cage of gorilla the gapers gathered. They laughed and threw bits of fruits and bread into the cage. And gorilla was twirling round in the narrow cage, not finding enough room for itself. Our eyes met and I saw agonizing pain in the eyes of gorilla. Its eyes were human ones. I gazed at it in astonishment. Then I transferred my glance on the people. They laughed and their eyes were brutal, soulless. Silently I observed this picture. Ones, having learned to walk on two feet and speak using human voice, preserved the ferocious hatred. The others, in the skin of an animal, already possess the human origin. Links of one chain, of one evolutional civilization.

    Best wishes.
    Israel Sadovnik. Socratus.

  • Barbara Martin

    Scientists study the “natural world” not the imagined one.

  • E=mc2

    For those people who still doubt “evolution”, they should not use antibiotics, vaccines, MRI machine, cell phone…

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