IHAS: Songbook, Ah, Love, But a Day
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Ah, Love, But a Day

Performance Music: Amy Marcy Beach
Text: Robert Browning
Composed c. 1900
Published by Arthur P. Schmidt

Performed by Frederica von Stade & John Browning

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Ah, Love, But a Day

Ah, Love, but a day
And the world has changed!

The sun's away,
And the bird estranged;

The wind has dropped
And the sky's deranged:

Summer, summer has stopped.

Look in my eyes!
Wilt thou change too?

Should I fear surprise?
Shall I find aught new

In the old and dear,
In the good and true,

With the changing year?
Ah, look in my eyes, look in my eyes

Wilt thou change too?

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