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Lesson Plan 2: Ida B. Wells

Cross-Curricular Extensions

Research other writings from throughout history that sparked controversy and/or change. Harriet Beecher Stowe's UNCLE TOM'S CABIN, Thomas Paine's "Common Sense," and Salman Rushdie's THE SATANIC VERSES are all possibilities.

Research and report on other individuals who fought for equality during the Jim Crow era.

Find and examine other examples of Ida B. Wells' writing online. Do her position or ideals change from publication to publication? Create a timeline charting Wells' philosophy and beliefs.

Read Harper Lee's Pulitzer-prize winning novel TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD for a glimpse of a fictional rape trial in the Jim Crow South.

Begin a concerted letter-writing campaign to affect change on one of the issues addressed in the pamphlets and editorial essays developed during the Assessment Activity.

Research the development and theories of "scientific" racism developed at the end of the nineteenth century. How do you think these theories impacted the Jim Crow era and other world events? What, if any, scientific fact was used?

Community Connections
Monitor the "letters to the editor" in your local newspaper for a two-week period. What issues seem to be the most critical for readers of the paper? How well are they presenting and supporting their positions?

Ask a member of the editorial staff of your local newspaper to visit your class and discuss how they develop and select issue-based stories and editorials for the paper.
Visit your local history society or museum to investigate the history of segregation and/or Jim Crow legislation in your community.

Visit a local or state politician's office and research the outcome and efficacy of letter-writing campaigns.

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