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Briefing and Opinion
November 12, 2004

Felix and Sandra Frausto

Felix Fraustro, 67, pushes a wheelchair carrying his wife Sandra Frausto, 62. They are on a train trip from Florida to Canada to buy prescription drugs. "We are hoping this will be the avenue to allow us to eat a little better," says Felix. (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews)

Americans pay more for prescription drugs than people anywhere else in the world. Elderly Americans -- the biggest consumers of medicine -- are especially hard hit. Correspondent Lisa Rudolph examines a drug importation program in Illinois. Also featured is a book excerpt "Granny as Cross-Border Drug Trafficker," from POWERFUL MEDICINES by Dr. Jerry Avorn.
Rx: Drug Reimportation

In response to exorbitant medicine prices, some cities, counties, states, and millions of Americans are defying the federal government by importing cheaper prescription drugs.

Powerful Medicines

Jerry Avorn, M.D., says that the "geriatric hajj" to border states vividly illustrates price discrepancies for drugs and suggests it is exorbitant medication costs, not the elderly, that need addressing.
Julia Morrison
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