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Briefing and Opinion
November 19, 2004

Nuclear Negotiation
Technicians measure part of the reactor of Iran's Bushehr nuclear power plant

Technicians measure part of the reactor of Iran's Bushehr nuclear power plant in this undated photo released by Iran's Atomic Energy Organization August 22, 2004. (AP Photo/Iranian Atomic Energy Organization)

An Iranian opposition group charged this week that Iran had purchased blueprints for a nuclear bomb and bought weapons-grade uranium on the black market. These charges could not be confirmed, but the dissident group has been right in the past. These charges followed the announcement earlier this week that Iran would stop producing enriched uranium -- which can be used for both civilian and military purposes -- while it negotiates with France, Germany, and Britain for foreign trade and investment. This is the latest attempt to persuade Iran not to develop a nuclear bomb. Below are this week's features on the subject.
Iran's Nuclear Program
Nuclear Negotiations

Correspondent John McWethy asks Iran experts to outline the country's nuclear capacity and to predict what previous behavior might indicate for future negotiations.

Up in Arms

A photo essay tracks the building of Iran's Bushehr nuclear power plant and illustrates how the subject of nuclear weapons is a sensitive one for many Iranians.
Iranian women

Six Key Questions
Six Key Questions

Executive Director of the Nonproliferation Policy Education Center offers insight into Iran's nuclear status and suggests methods for reducing the potential damage a nuclear Iran might inflict.

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