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February 5th, 2009
Listen to Henry Louis Gates, Jr. on "The Tom Joyner Morning Show"

Listen now to LOOKING FOR LINCOLN presenter and writer Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. on “The Tom Joyner Morning Show”. He talks about Lincoln’s legacy in regards to African-Americans and slavery, and President Obama’s interest in Lincoln.

  • bernard Ball

    Hello Dr. Gates, you’ve done wonderful work for a long time. I’ll veiw your broadcast. I’ve read some books that says, Abraham Lincoln was black himself, And with sworn affidavits from whites that new his his mother and father. In your research, did you find any of this to be valid?

  • keith franck

    Mr. Gates the people need to let everyone live & when something happens it’s not always the black man haven’t we had plenty of that racial bs i’m a white man and hate it every time i hear it most of my life i had to deal with it not any more we need to break that wall down 4 good God Bless all men and woman we are 1 blk wh yell red blue ect lets act like it please…..we are all 1 in Gods eyes

  • LuVilla W. Butler

    Dr. Gatesa I have viewed many of your specials on African American Ancestory, and I would like to find out more information about my family’s history. I have found out recently with some archived paperwork proof and some pictures that my paternal side are descendents of Freedmen from Oklahoma. I have recently reached a dead end. How do I go further to complete my paternal family tree line? I am the grandaughter of the orginal owners to open one of the first historical black restuarants in Chicago (Army’s & Lou’s Soul Food Restuarant). Will you please assist me with providing further resources that may help me complete my journey? Thanking you in advance.

State Farm

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