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February 4th, 2009
Watch Henry Louis Gates, Jr. on "The Colbert Report"

LOOKING FOR LINCOLN presenter and writer Henry Louis Gates, Jr. appeared on Comedy Central’s “The Colbert Report” to talk about the documentary and his new book, Lincoln on Race & Slavery.

  • unconditional

    On the Colbert Report, dearest Henry only had time to pre-sent Lincoln could be tried as Nuremberg by remnant of the Confederacy and that Jesus might have been white, LoL

  • a s

    History is his-story. History is twisted to suit what one wants to see in it and then everyone goes along with it. You wont know for sure unless you are there experiencing it.

  • karismasand

    very good video!!

  • Sydney R Hrabowskie

    Hi Mr Henry Louis Gates JR I was curious about where my last name where it came from? My dad Robert S Hrabowskie is from Birmingham Alabama his dad name is Robert L Hrabowskie my grandpa died when my dad was10 years old. I Never met him but I know he knows me and I know him I’m 26 years old I have 2 kids of my own my oldest is 10 years old. Raekwon S Hrabowskie and my youngest is 3 years old Deandre J Hrabowskie I have no felonys. I’m not a bad person recently at my job I had 3 co workers discriminate against me one called me a bitch ass nigga another ask me if i had been picking cotton and a third said to me about black children refering to them as niglets. I quit my job at Burger King Hebron Rd Heath Ohio I’m from Newark Ohio. I’m going to college at Ohio State Neawrk University my every day goal is to compete on ahigh level no matter where im at or who im around my ultimate goal is to get a bachelors degree. My name is Sydney R Hrabowskie thank you i hope this reaches you and i hope you can help me find out who I am. God Bless you.

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