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December 22nd, 2008
Web Exclusive: Archaeologist Robert Mazrim Visits Lincoln Historical Sites

In this video, archaeologist and historian Robert Mazrim takes us on a tour of Lincoln historical sites in central Illinois, including the Lincoln Memorial Highway and the grave of Ann Rutledge. Mazrim is the author of “The Sangamo Frontier: History and Archaeology in the Shadow of Lincoln.”

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  • John Pederson

    I am disappointed that Robert Mazrim was cut from the final production. I think he can present a prospective that would be unique and grounded in the land the Lincoln sprang from.

  • jack brand

    I feel that Robert Mazrim has been one of the most important searhers for the REAL Lincoln…his works at New Salem, in particular, have brought new light to the coreect history of the place and Lincoln’s part in it.

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