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January 21st, 2009
Great Lines
Kaye Ballard and the story of Lucille Ball vs. Mad Dog
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Kaye Ballard: She used to come to this house all the time and say, “Let’s go for a bike ride.” So we’d go for a bike ride, and we were coming down the main street, because then there weren’t any houses around here. There were a lot of palm trees, and a mad dog came out of the woods just like this. Foaming at the mouth. And I fell off the bike. And Lucy says, “Get the hell out of here. Go back in the woods.” And I turned to her and I said, “That is why you are queen of the world” She was a toughie when she wanted to be, but she was also the best.

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  • john meshnick

    Dearest My Kaye,

    I recently seen you on “The Joy Beyhar Show”. I laughed so hard!!! You are Number 1!!! What ever happened to our friend Doris? I love you KAYE!

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