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January 13th, 2009
My Comedian Hero
Cheech Marin
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Cheech Marin: He used to live out here in Malibu where I live and I’d see him at the market and he’d being going, walking up and down the aisles doing these characters.  “Okay, Jonathan, it’s time to buy your groceries and go now.”  But he was, he was the, the master at doing that kind of improvisational free association thing which Robin Williams and some of those other guys came up after did.


    We must not ever forget Pro. Irwin Corey, the master of stream of consciousness humor!

  • JoSeg

    Does Marin ever wonder how many men were killed (in his place) during Vietnam while he was
    pot smoking and partying and hiding out in Canada. I’ll never, N E V E R, have any respect for
    for this “man”.

  • Carl Webb

    Cheech Marin is more likely to wonder how many Vietnamese were killed by the men that took his place during the Vietnam war while he was a political refugee in Canada.

    I’ll ALWAYS have any respect for for this man.

  • Cheech rocks!

    Cheech is so funny & has gotten even better with age.

    I just saw “Born in East LA” again – fantastic.

    Rock on Cheech …

    Vaya con Dios

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