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May 20th, 2009
Daniel Bernard Roumain on the Violin

In this segment, Daniel Bernard Romain performs a solo version of Cathedral demonstrating a range of sonic qualities that can be acheived on the violin.

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  • Chirs Kudo

    I have been following DBR for years. I saw him live at Le Poisson Rouge in NYC last month. He is truly a unique voice.

  • Ann Marie D

    You are the music.

  • Christina

    I wish composers were listed. Can anyone tell me what who this piece is by? It’s gorgeous.

  • Christopher Huang

    inspiring work…I’m also a violinist who tries to push the boundaries/typecasting…however much I can with the greats already in history and out there now. Grappelli, Carter, Miri Ben Ari.

    I love the “wow, I’ve never heard the violin played like that” comments but so much has already been done

  • johnathan rivera

    hes the best.. i just had a class with him and marc o’ connor

  • Jamie

    Wasn’t Paganini the original bad boy of violin. People thought he was possessed by the devil when they heard him play.

  • jero george

    j `aime ce type de musique

  • Robert W. Martin

    Is this a solo version of Jennifer Higdon’s “blue cathedral” for orchestra?

  • annie said

    i realy like this video i never been on this site before but its very amazing

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