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May 20th, 2009
The Many Sounds of the Violin
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Daniel Bernard Roumain (speaking to the audience from the stage): You know when I was growing up I wanted my violin to sound like a bass guitar.

I wanted my violin to sound like an electric guitar.

I wanted my violin to sound like a turntable.

I wanted my violin to scream.

I wanted my violin to laugh.

You know I wanted my violin to be like a drum.

  • Apey2f

    Can’t wait to see this! Great for arts programming in schools.

  • Heidi

    Dr. Roumain played at our school. It was one of the best experiences in my 30 years at the school.

  • Christopher Huang

    I love this. I’m a violinist myself…play multiple genres of it: jazz, blues, hip hop,…classical. Basically…I was very much like Daniel… “I wanted my violin to sound like ____” or create it’s own unique sound. I’m glad to see a roomful of youth inspired.

  • Lyn

    Truly an incredible performer. Saw him perform at Vanderbilt U in 2003 and met after the performance. Very invigorating show by a very gracious man. Can’t wait to see again and hear perform. The experience one should see, feel, smell, taste and hear!

  • Bob

    This was absolutely amazing. I myself am actually an orthodontist, and i thought this was very inspiring. So, now i am directing my life to simply violin. I am playing on the streets and it hasn’t been going the best. I’ve lost my right arm by a couple of drivers running off of the road so now i have no career. Please pray.

    Bob Martin

  • Alissa

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  • Trene

    Wow!!!! I loved it. I’m learning to really love appreciate art (music).

  • Jacelyn Stergios

    Tonex is an anointed man of God. When we are in the world, even though we are God’s children, the minute we decide to take a stand and accept Christ, the enemy gets upset. As children and people of God, there are spiritual darkness in this world just waiting to unleash itself upon us, especially if we are doing God’s will. Jesus said it, “Simon, Simon, the enemy desires to sift you as wheat, but I have prayed for you! With this as an example, the word didn’t say that as Christians (preists, pastors, performers, deacons, etc) we would not fail, would not falter, would not slip nor slide. The Word did not say that we are perfect now, but that we are being perfected.’ I personally was in a 12 year relationship which my partner one day walked away from. What do I tell my children? If I allowed it to drive me crazy? all the questions? all the silence? no closure? Had I not known to lean on God’s everlasting arms’ and to keep my eyes on Him, where would I be today? I say all this to say that WE ARe ALL HUMAN and we don’t know our breaking point. Refer to the Old Testament where Elisha, empowered by the Spirit of God was able to rid the country of X amount of thousands of preists, summon fire to come from heaven to burn up their sacrifices and altars, yet in the next chapter, in his human state, he is close to suicidal, hiding out in a cavern…or even David, the descendant of Jesus, a man after God’s own heart, who God was pleased with, yet he, David in his carnal state, lusted after Bathsheba and set it up so that her husband could be killed at war (putting him in the front line). We are all human and situations come to test us, and when we fall, it might not be attractive, but its part of our very human self. The God we serve has it all figured out though, because our very test, He always uses it as a testimony or to deliver or encourage someone else! What is important is that WITH PRAYER we get back up again! I say all this to say that all God’s children are under attack by the enemy! Look around you! Hezekiah being labeled gay (false) Kirk Franklin weakness of the flesh (which he prayerfully continues to grow strength from strength) Donnie McClurkin (success with overcoming with his) and these are just the celebrities?! I thank God for them because testimonies in the form of songs like You Covered Me (DLawrence & Hez) and God Kept Me or God Blocked It to name a few, are the lyrics which can inspire someone else who is in that situation. Ask yourself, What about the church? the day to day person like me? or you? or Pastors whose children run astray? Its the enemy! The Word says, “for the weapons of our warfare are NOT CARNAL BUT SPIRITUAL to the tearing down of strongholds and the best way to deal with strongholds is through prayer! So cover Tonex more than ever before! Ask God to give him strength to overcome, let the word not get lost, let the enemy lift his hands off him. I believe that when he comes back, HE WILL HAVE A MESSAGE. God will restore ALL THE YEARS that Tonex sowed in tears! He’s in a Job position right now, but greater is He (Christ) that is in me than he (enemy) who is in the world. I know many men like Tonex who the vices of the world come upon them (including my partner) to sift them as wheat…but Christ has already said, “I have prayed for you”! So keep praying, like Christ, for Tonex and for the carnal worldly apostles, the church and those of us whom the enemy is attempting to wipe out. When God looks down for a guard standing upon the wall to intercede (old testament) let there be somebody praying, crying, interceding….and let it be us, the saints He has appointed and commissioned to do so, through prayer for Our Body, the Body of the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Be blessed

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