Download the NATURE Remixes

Now you can take two expanded remixes of the NATURE theme music with you thanks to this exclusive free download.  Percussive and powerful, and featuring the talents of several members of the New York Philharmonic, these new remixes created by the original composer Alex Lasarenko (of New York-based music company Tonal [Web site]), takes his powerful score to a whole new level while maintaining the grandeur of the original.


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Download NATURE Remix One (4 MB mp3)
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Download NATURE Remix Two (2.9 MB mp3)
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Did you download the remixes? Tell us what you do with them in the comments.

**The theme song for Nature is a copyrighted work owned by THIRTEEN and is offered to users for personal use only. Any promotional, commercial or other use of the theme song without THIRTEEN’s express written permission is prohibited.**

  • Carol

    Very nice!!

  • Ruthie Wilson

    It’s wonderful to see PBS offering such fresh, exciting content like this. Nature is my favorite show on PBS, and the mixes are both splendid. Thank you for giving us such brilliant programmes, PBS, and keep up the great work!

  • Victor

    I like both, but first one definitely better of two. Very nice to just relax and listen to it.

  • greg

    the first one is better but the orignal is the best

  • Nalan

    Excellent composition, full of joy, hope, excitement and beauty just like nature itself. It would be great to know whom to credit for.

  • Norma

    They are both wonderful. The second seems to have a more African/carribean feel to it. I’d like to use them on my genealogy website. (Giving due credit of course).

  • John Smith

    I like all these 2 remixes of the NATURE theme music. It’s sound interesting with me. when listen to it i feel relax.

  • Catherine H

    Pretty cool. I think it’s great PBS came up with this. I like them both..but can’t decide which I like more?? I think I like them both, in different ways.
    Cool music, though.

  • Kimberly

    That was great! It has put a big smile on my face. I always woundered what more of the intro music sounded like. Now I know.

  • Arya

    Great music. I prefer the second one. It has a different feel to it. It has a nature feel to it.



  • NATURE Online

    You can also download the original version of the theme music here:

  • Briantravelman

    Eh! It’s not bad! I like the TV version better though! That’s probably because I got so used to it! I always sing along when it plays! HaHaHa! What band is this?

  • Carol McArdle

    I like the second one best. It has a fresh passion, and makes me want to soar with the birds and dance like the tribes of Africa. A fresh wind!

  • Moisés

    Very nice. While the original captures the majesty of nature, I like the house spin of the first one above. The second sounds more experimental. Both are fantastic in their own right!

  • Daniel Seidensticker

    Gets your blood pumping! Nice!

  • John Ludwig

    Awesome – Nature’s opening song is so dynamite, and the closing song too on Nature. PLUS this second remix choice to play on this, your web page, is:
    A W E S O M E too! Yeah!!! “Go Public Television”!
    Channel 13 forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! John

  • Kat R.

    I love all of it: the original music and the remixes. Alos, does anyone know if there is a picture of the cheetah? at the beginning of the show. The one where his stripes become the trees. I love that picture.

  • Robert

    Hi can anyone tell me where I can watch the Nature program on Land of the falling lakes. I live in Ireland
    Thanks in advance

  • Aiulu

    Thank you PBS..wonderful music.

  • Hallie

    I use the music in my classroom. Everybody loves it.
    It has a calming influence and also engages their interest! thank you pbs!

  • Glen

    In my opinion, the greatest song ever created!!!
    Thank you Mr. Lasarenko and PBS!!!!!

  • Jerry Cox

    Thank you again for giving us the best there is. I have asked for the theme song to be published in years past and I’m very proud to be able to have both the original track and the remixes. I Love it!

  • Kalpesh Patel

    These are going into my daily commute. I love them. Very uplifting.

  • Henry

    they’re really great

  • Dru Whitledge

    I like both versions — and though not being a person of any detectable musical talent — I strongly suspect that there’s yet more to like. As proven so well by Rachmaninoff (bettering Braham’s previous version) in his “Rhapsody on a Theme by Paganini” — a skilled musical magician such as Alex L. surely is — can extract an amazingly robust work — something deep, textured and truly beautiful — from a seemingly simple tune I do hope — should there be enough interest — as there might well be, it seems — that Alex and the folks at Tonal might bless us with a full fledged “Variations on a theme from Nature”.
    Wouldn’t be really great if PBS/ Nature and Alex / Tonal could all cooperate to construct a fabulous win / win situation leveraging the apparent large appeal of this piece to everyone’s advantage — inviting the attention of mucho more Public Television “pledgers” and giving Alex the exposure to capture larger and more glorious (and lucrative) commissions — all the while — giving us listeners some great music.
    How many would love to hear this piece performed live at an event where we bring our check books and could show our appreciation to PBS / Nature.
    NAWWWW. That’d never work.

  • Geronimo A.

    Thanks, really like the 2nd remix.

  • Alvin

    Wow! I thought I would be the only one asking about the music of Nature! I really love it., As for the remixes, I like them both!

  • Chris L.


    Finding these downloads really made my evening. I just love the music from Nature, and it suddenly occurred to me that, knowing PBS, downloads might be available. So, I did a search, and there they were! I now have the opening and closing original music and both remixes, and I am a happy PBS viewer! As for what I will do with them, I will listen to them whenever I need a quick reminder that the world is much bigger than my little briar patch.

    Many, many thanks!

  • Leo Joaquin M. Dela Cruz

    I was the last one to know it’s been up here for download…I couldn’t get enough, I had it in longer version through my pioneer remixer….Love it, love it………

  • raw speakers

    Your web site is absolutely full of remarkable facts and specifics and in addition is truly particularly enjoyable to study through.Properly completed:)

  • Frank G

    The music is great nature has helped Mr. Alex Lasarenko music career.

  • Jay Tadesse

    This web page is really a walk-by way of for all of the info you wanted about this and didn’t know who to ask. Glimpse here, and also you’ll definitely discover it.

  • Jason Clayborn

    I love the original song, and these expand perfectly upon it… I love both. Not to mention the show itself… it’s pretty much the last great nature program… Animal Planet seems allergic to them now.

  • Samuel Scot Kelly

    The first one sounds like the beginning of the show, and the second the end.

    I wish Alex can make an extended version of his original theme, the music he has out for Nature so far is SUPERBLY EXCELLENT!! Including the remixes.

  • Andrew Hoetger

    All this excellent music gives me goose bumps and makes the Conure dance. To me it’s motivational and makes me want to defend nature. I want to convert this to my ring tone! THANKS

  • Sonny Klamerus

    Love it. Gives me goose bumps, too, and makes me cry. Touching.

  • James Laster

    Extremely thrilling. PBS has usually found a way to reach the soul. I have always listened as well as watched, Thank you for your generousity. I am currently looking for the stirring theme from the ninties’ show “A World Away”, and others

  • Redman

    Awesome. well, i use them with some home-made “Nature” videos for my kid’Os in class.
    thanks, awesome mixes

  • Francisco Vicars

    Sometimes I contemplate if folks truly take time to publish something original, or are they only just dishing out words to fill a site. This surely doesn’t fit that mold. Thank you for taking the time to write with awareness. Once In A While I look at a page and question whether they even proofread it.Fantastic work with this article.

  • scan

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  • Heidi Hale

    I love the remixes, still wish they were longer though!

  • Nature Fan…

    Agree with the last comment, get some longer versions posted. We need something to blast through the car speakers with the windows rolled down as we drive through the deserts of the Southwest or along the shorelines of Hawaii…

  • Alex and Zeke

    My three year old son and I really enjoy the Nature show theme music. My son says “daddy I really like that music.” Thanks for offering the downloads for free!

  • Iam Craig

    I would love to see a compilation of Nature intros from 1982 to 2012 posted on YouTube.

  • Nature Fan

    wow, the music sound so thrilling, I can feel a chill up my spine!

  • Mario Montepeque

    I downloaded “The Nature Theme Music” to listen to when I need my heart, soul and spirit to be touched again by God’s Heavenly Angels Celestial music, making me realized that beautiful music such as this is the Universal language for all humanity, transcending languages, physical and spiritual borders for our infinite enjoyment.

    Thanks you very much for this free Gift…

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