Download the NATURE Theme Music

So many of you have written in to ask about the NATURE opening theme music that we’ve decided to make it available for download. Enjoy!

Download the NATURE Theme Music [mp3 1.4 MB]

Download the NATURE End Credits Music [mp3 1.5 MB]

To download:

  • In Windows, right-click the link. On a Mac, control-click the link.
  • Select “Save Link As” or “Save Target As”.
  • Choose a location on your computer where you would like to save the file.

The opening theme and credits music was composed exclusively for NATURE by Alex Lasarenko.

**The theme song for Nature is a copyrighted work owned by THIRTEEN and is offered to users for personal use only. Any promotional, commercial or other use of the theme song without THIRTEEN’s express written permission is prohibited.**

  • Redd

    I love hearing the theme music. Thanks, Nature for making it available.

  • arnold

    I wish it were longer, it’s one of the most beautiful theme music I have ever heard.

  • Birgit

    This gives me goosebumps! I love it.

  • Kev

    It is truly a beautiful peace. Every time I listen to it I am taken to the African Savanah or to the bottom of the ocean watching the fish schools migrate to the sea bed. The old theme song was just as beautiful

  • liston

    i just love theme song thank you

  • alex


  • North

    Been looking for this for a while. Great pieces. Thank you.

  • Tom S

    I too have been looking for this music. Not only do I enjoy the music your program Nature is excellent. Thank you very much for the music and Nature.

  • Leslie Jordan

    thanks for making this available!

  • Stephanie C

    Yay! I tried looking for this music before because it is so beautiful and inspirational, and couldn’t find it anywhere! Thank you PBS for making it available!


    wow….yeah I love the theme of nature.Thanks PBS making available. I love Nature………

  • Joe Krieter

    It sends chills every time I hear it !

  • Adi

    I LOVE this theme song; one of the most beautiful theme songs ever written! THANK YOU for making this available for download!

  • mint

    Alex Lasarenko is a genius!Your theme music is a masterpiece and it’s sure thing to motivate the deepest energies to do beautiful things. If you could offer it on CD I’d love it. I dream of listening to it on my stereo at full volume.

  • Rob Davison

    Leave it to NATURE & PBS to go “beyond” our expectations and satisfy their audience. 1st class programming, BRAVO!

  • cesario perez

    i look forward to seeing the show and it is a must to catch it before the music starts and at the end of the shows credits..absolutely beautiful sound

  • Mary Owens

    I love hearing that music, it is so awe inspiring! I would love to meet or even learn something about the composer. It is absolutely beatiful!

  • Cosme Lopez

    Was looking for the theme song for so long… Thank you so much for making it available. Love it!!!

  • judy

    Gosh!! I really love Nature so bad and I can’t dare miss the opening and closing song. I always look forward to the opening song. Thank you PBS and Nature for actually allowing us to download such a beautifully composed song. I would like to see the composer.

  • briantarvelman

    Hmmm? Say, you wouldn’t by any chance be able to downlaod this onto a DVD, would you?

  • gurnam

    i love nature

  • Horsetrail

    Just like everyone else, I love the theme songs too. Thanks for letting us download.

  • Greg McCarthy

    Fantastic that you make it available…free! Very rare in the age.

  • henry

    thank you so much for allowing people to enjoy the music!

  • Steve Souza

    Was hoping to find the earlier Nature theme, as Ive been looking for years. I like this new one ok, but the one from the 80’s is so powerfully good, I played is through my sound system full blast and have been looking for it ever since.

  • John Ludwig

    AWESOME SONG, I make sure that aside from N E V E R missing Nature on Public Television, that I catch the bginning, the very moment of beginning he “Nature” soundtrack, and after the awesome Nature program, the “ending” soundtrack…… then and only then :) can I go to sleep for Monday’s beginning workweek!
    Oh Yeah! John and Nancy Ludwig

  • chuck

    I have always been a music lover it is almost unreal finding something on PBS that makes me feel so spiritual as this theme song does great job by the composer cuddos

  • Stanley J. Serxner

    The program itself almost seemed an anticlimax to the evocative theme. It is a feeling of serenity.

  • Timtek

    This is one of the best theme songs ever. Thank you for making it available.

  • sam

    this song is beautiful it gives me chills and makes me think about how beautiful our planet,life nature and God is.

  • Peter

    Yes, beautiful indeed!! BUT, I submit that what is heard on the TV productions is a bit different. In the opening credits, there is some wonderful xylophone that is not heard in these downloadable versions. Can anyone speak to this? If so, how can we get THAT part as well? Thanks so much.

  • David

    Enchanting music for an enthralling experience. Thanks PBS for making this available.

  • Robert

    Fantastic! Beautiful, Alluring, I can go on and on. I have always been a fan of nature for years and loved the theme song. But this version is just great!. I have been looking for some way to purchase a cd copy or download and to my surprise PBS let that happen. I downloaded this awsome music last fall. I continue to enjoy it and play just about every day. I also loved the two mix versions. They help when I exercise. Thank You PBS for giving us a great gift of beautiful music! And a special thank you to Mr. Alex Lasarenko for composing this great music! I hope you do more with the Nature theme. More extended versions and more remixes. Thank you again!!!!!

  • Jose’

    Let us not forget the late Mr. George Page. He WAS ‘Nature’ as far as I’m concerned. I thought he would have been acknowledged in the opening montage, since many of us have grown up with Mr. Page as the host and narrator of this wonderful program. Oh yea, the theme. Hey PBS, what about releasing the full version of the original theme to The NewsHour? Bernard Hoffer is the composer, and it rarely got played in it’s entirety with the exquisite trombone glissando in suspended time. Yea, we’re TV theme junkies…Love It!

  • Bob Kenny

    Unable to download, please advise if and where it may be purchased?

  • Michael

    What about the old song that was before this version (circa 2007 or so).

  • Kai

    Awesome! It has been stuck in my head all day and I am so happy to find it here, thanks!

  • Kalpesh Patel

    I loved it when heard first time. It uplifts me.
    Great. Thank You Thank You for making it available.

  • Janise

    I really like the songs. I have been looking for them for a long time. Thanks!

  • Dru Whitledge

    I too wasted a bookoo bunch of time to find this page and wonder — why isn’t there a tag on the end credits identifying Tonal / Alex Lasarenko as the author and even better — pointing me to this page — as well as the remixes at —
    Mucho thanks.

  • Kyle

    Wow! I was starting to accept the fact that I’d never be able to get this music onto my iPod short of recording off the TV, but this is fantastic! Now, PBS – I’m looking at you – you need to do this for every show. So many PBS series have fantastic theme music, but it’s never available for download. I’d love to have Masterpiece Theater, American Experience, Mystery!, and so many more… PLEASE!

  • Erik

    I wish there were both a higher quality sound file available to download as well as a donate option that would allow you to donate for downloading the song. I’m sure many people (including me) would be willing to donate to support great music from the greatest series on TV.

  • sean

    Loved the ld theme too and I like this one, Thanks for making it available for us!

  • Mark

    Thank you very much for making this absolutely splendid & magnificent theme music available. Alex Lasarenko is a *brilliant* young composer! I’ve been hoping to find this released onto some CD for yrs! I finally checked *here* (duh lol) and downloaded the mp3. Again, thank you so very, very much, Alex Lasarenko, for composing such a noble, magnificent, inspiring theme, and thank you, PBS & WNET-Thirteen for making this available! While many, many PBS shows are among my favorites, *Nature* & *Nova* have always been *tied for first place* in my heart & mind. Y’all are magnificent—keep up the good work!

  • Judy Blessley

    Love it, love it. Thank you Alex, you are a genius.

  • steve krawitz

    Well, I concur with Steve Souza, and while I think the current theme is engaging, and am intrigued that so many are over-the-top nuts about the new theme, I think the old theme was better, and I would like to revisit it in the way you have generously made possible with the new…. please.

  • mark stephansky


    Although I enjoy the current Nature theme song I really liked the original. Is there any way to get a copy of the original Nature Theme song?

    Thank you!

  • Elbis Santana

    You guys ROCK!!! thank you sharing – you made my Sunday just FAB – love that theme….

  • Linda Perez

    *** Thanks for Sharing ***

  • alex


  • george rodriguez

    Thank you…the music brings back bitter sweet memories of my time in the forests I used to run in and my old friends(pet budgies)who used to get excited over the music…as I do every time I hear it…bravo pbs…may you run forever nature!

  • Robbie

    I used this song in a recent video i made! Check it out!

  • william

    Is this the same theme music that was used between 1985 and 1990? If not, please direct me to what was used. Thank you. I love your programs!!

  • Anthony

    Out-Standing !!! Well Done PBS For Making This Available To All NATURE Lovers :-)

  • Jerry

    Thanks PBS. Love your programming, especially the Nature series. There could be no better theme or closing credit music for such a fantastic series about nature.

  • Subree Subramanian

    Thanks Nature and PBS, this is great music, whenever I am down or stressed I ‘d like to hear this music. It is cool…and very inspirational…

  • David Silchman

    Others have already said it, but I just need to add to an evident truth:
    These are among the most beautiful musical pieces ever written. I’d like to hear them evolving into a symphony.
    It is just perfect music for some of the best TV in the world!
    Thank you with all my heart.

  • Samar Kanguri

    Thanks PBS, this music has been “haunting” me and glad to find it on your website. Amazing to see the same the words from other people. Amazing connection to this music. Awesome stuff.
    Now both mp3s are in a playlist, in a loop and play continuously!

  • Matt Ireland

    When I hear this music, I become so overwhelmed with emotion, tears stream down my face. I don’t understand it really. I can’t even label the emotion but the first word that pops in to mind is, “BEAUTIFUL”. A few moments later and I’m primed to watch the show, or do just about anything!!! Isn’t that crazy? Thank you so much for making it available.

  • Keith B Ward

    Thank You,
    I Have loved this song for years.

  • Steve Kendall

    I am a musician and I love all types of music. But rarely does a piece of music move me the way this piece does. As Mr. Ireland stated, I too, become completely overwhelmed with emotions. Not just one, but a flood of them. I am SO happy to find these down loads. I also wish there were more of it. Thank you PBS.

  • Tommy Krawchuk

    Someone I work with visits your site frequently and recommended it to me to read also. The writing style is excellent and the content is interesting. Thanks for the insight you provide the readers!

  • salt

    My brother recommended I may like this web site. He was once entirely right. This put up actually made my day. You can not believe just how much time I had spent for this information! Thanks!

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    You are not correct since you don’t know who THE IGOR is.

  • Dorathy

    Your article is truly informative. More than that, it??s engaging, compelling and well-written. I would desire to see even far more of these types of great writing.

  • Blue Iris

    Matt Ireland: I’m the same; my eyes tear up EVERY time I hear the first, faint note of the opening theme, which I have heard so many times. The music evokes the wonder of all that is Africa, where it all began…………….

  • Debrah

    I echo David Silchman comments for a symphony. This music is so moving. Thank you for making it available!

  • Bob Meyers

    I read through the comments and see that several people are after the old theme song for Nature just like me. I want it so much I am searching the internet for it. That theme played in the 1980’s and 1990’s when George Page was still narrator.

    The old theme song is hypnotic, mesmerizing to me. As others have stated about both old and new versions, it does something to recall pleasant experiences of long ago. It (old version) is only played in my memories now, but I still hear it. That is how good it was. It is magic.

    The newer, post-George-Page song is also good, but it is not hypnotic like the old one. I think producers should bring back the old one perhaps on a test basis for reactions. I’ll bet you will be surprised.

    If there is anyway you can post a clip of the old theme song I and others would dearly appreciate it!

  • maclavian

    I like this theme music and the theme music for Globetrekker. As for the later you might like a couple of the tunes from Tangerine Dream’s Rockoon album as well as some of their other music. I got into this search after listening to Rockoon thinking they might have done the Globetrekker theme.

  • Chris Hawkins

    I am a big fan of the Nature program and love the them song. It goes well with the program. There is so much to be learned from Nature.

  • Adam Francom

    I really love thIS music. It really brings out all of my appreciation for the beauty of this planet. “Nature” has been such a wonderful way to explore and understand our world for my family and I. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  • Jay

    The two pieces send a shiver down my spine. Cannot wait for Nature to begin and then to end.

  • Dave

    Please don’t ever replace this theme – I love it, perfect fit and beautiful

  • Joan

    Love this theme song.Every time I hear it it takes me to a special place.

  • http://PBSNature enyde

    Love this sound so close to nature you feel in the soul thank you!!

  • Chris

    I love this so much. It gives me goosebumps every time I hear it!

  • Jim

    The NATURE theme music creates an emotional attachment to the program and is soothing to listen to. Thank You

  • Mari

    The Nature theme music makes me soar – it makes me wiggle – it makes me cry and laugh at the same time.What in the world is so beautifully moving about this music??

  • Rebecca

    I have been a fan of NATURE since the beginning. I would wait for that opening theme music and tell everybody to just sit and listen to it. It would give me goosebumps. I’m talking about the original theme that has been referred to here by several others. I am so glad to see that others were affected by it like I was (my siblings thought I was crazy). Anyhow, if that original piece of music would become available, I would just be over the moon. About 25 years ago, I wrote a letter to Janet Hess in response to a program on captive dolphins. She was nice enough to write back, and that led to several phone conversations with the old TV show “Flipper” dolphin trainer who had become very outspoken against dolphins kept in captivity. Thanks WNET for providing so many years of pure joy. There is nothing on TV quite like NATURE.

  • Mario Montepeque

    This I again, I meant to tell you in my previous email, that the song I’m looking for is PBs Nature song written by Alex Lasarenco, if you can download the intire song on CD I’ll pay you for it. The theme song was in the program Nature about plants this week… Thanks.

    Mario Montepeque

  • Dalia Varanka

    The closing score, at the end of the show, is the most moving music for a program I have ever heard.

  • William

    I concur with those wanting the older Nature theme music, what I assume is the original from the 80s (which I esp. associate with George Page episodes): that spellbinding building, intense synthesizer drone in the background with the fantastically majestic synthesizer (or horns?) section that comes rising up as the sun breaks over the horizon making the landscape scene go from dark to light.

    Wow! Cannot be beat! I would be glued to the show week after week just to catch the intro.

    I think the current long-running theme is kinda wimpy by comparison–just lacks the oommph factor. Like the great synthesizer ending to PBS shows in the 1970s ( you really came away thinking you were watching something REALLY important. Something with gravitas.


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