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  • brian

    My second favorite show after “Jeff Corwin”

  • barb

    NATURE: a beautiful series for building awareness of cultures of animals and peoples.

  • marie

    What a wonderful show. After my visit to South Africa I fell in love with lions. They are now my second favorite animal, replacing elelphants as my favorite. I wish I could do something to help save these majestice animals.

  • Char

    I really enjoyed “Cloud”, the show about the stallion!
    I even called my son in-law to tell him it was on. He is a rancher, out on the Eastern Plains. Thanks for these great programs!!!!

  • olof

    I have loved Nature from the first time I saw it. Among my most favorite was the Elephants of Amboseli. I am very grateful for this show as I know it has taught me a great deal. Please keep this show going. It is beautiful and extremely valuable.
    Also, does anyone know what the music is?

  • Michelle

    I really love the show, and usually assign it as extra credit for my students. My one gripe though, is that the Nature Updates aren’t emailed until Friday. So some of my students may know about the extra credit and some won’t, depending on whether or not I read the email before the end of the day. Any chance the Updates can come out earlier? Say Wed?

    Thanks for producing such a fantastic show, though!

  • Kendall

    “Great series!”…Now who is the composer, name of arrangment and orchestra preforming the theme song? Where could I buy?

  • Jay

    Anyone know the group that does that woo hoo song during the Nature commercial – when the robotic quail is in the field?

  • Peter Carl

    I too, like Kendall in comment #7, am intrigued by the theme music and would like to know its origin and, if possible, where it might be obtained.

  • Stephen

    I love the show and seldom miss an episode and I too would be interested to know the origin of the New Age music used during the episodes introduction.

  • Stephen

    sourced the origing of the theme… written by written by Alex Lasarenko at Tonal New York and not commercially avaliable

  • Cary

    The theme could be manually recorded (audio and video)to a dvd recorder, which then could be (audio) recorded by a cd recorder. Anything on tv can be recorded as an audio this way.

  • Adam

    I too love the series, and love the intro music. I have purchased some of the videos, and love them, but I wish I could also purchase the song. Any way the good people of “Nature” could find a way to make that available?

  • matt


  • Cosme Lopez

    Great show, woul like to know the name of the theme song and if its commercially available and the author.

  • Jean Schwalbe

    I am looking for the program you did about water our natural resource that is being contaminated. You may have broadcasted it on Public TV quite a few months ago.

  • Don White

    Is the Nature theme music available for download?

  • Carl

    Nature makes all other nature shows look amateurish

  • alex painter

    i too would like to know all about your theme song -artist- if available etc,, thank you

  • Larry Scott

    Ditto the request on the theme music. I am tech challenged and don’t know how to record it off TV, but I gotta have it. Surely its available somewhere!

  • gabriela

    i certainly agree with all of you. “Nature” is an authentic program. Even though i am an 11 year old ,my dream is to become a scientist/veterinarian, and i watch Nature whenever i can.:)

  • Christopher

    I’v gotten so turned-off to television lately; but the Nature programs always make me glad that I didn’t throw away my TV set. I am motivated to save Red Knots

  • Jeff

    Please release the Nature theme song– I’d pay to have an extended version–

  • Lyle

    Watching the “White White Falcon, White Wolf” special and I’ve found out what I want to do with my life. I am sure I want to film and study such beautiful creatures in the wild.

  • Curtis Clark

    Absolutely fabulous wild falcon, wolf, musk ox and wonderful photography at it’s absolute best thanks Curtis Clark

  • alex

    hey peeps of the world.. i love this show its awsome and nature is my idle even tho i live oin the city

  • jb

    What is the name of the title tree and where could I get a nice poster picture of it?

  • Jonathan Jaffin

    It was a beautiful show and I, like I’m sure many others, were heartbroken to see one of brothers die, but life there is hard, and it is part of that circle. But still it was heart-wrenching and yet wonderful to see Toki survive and be brought back to the Rhino Preserve with Simon.

  • Hans Thummel

    Please make the theme song available to PBS visitors/subscribers. It is a beautiful song and many people are interested in an extended version. It could be made available at many internet retail outlets, including Itunes or shopPBS.

  • alexis

    this site roks

  • Govi

    Where is the video? Can’t see the darned thing.

  • Marian Moore

    I totally agree with all of the above opinions; NATURE is the BEST PROGRAM on PBS, and I would not miss it for anything. I greatly miss my “favorite narrator” George Page, and was sad to read of his death. Is there any way a photo of him could be sent to me? I would be willing to pay a fee for this photo. George Page was the BEST.

    My sincere thanks to all of you there at PBS, and keep giving us your excellent and informative programs. I am so very grateful for all of your programs.

    Marian Moore

  • Matthew

    nothing showed up this video or whatever it the worst in the world

  • Thaddeus Hudson

    Hello Miss Katherns. I`ve enjoyed all your films about Cloud and the wild horses you`ve so lovingly given to us. I cant get enough of them. What has happened to Red Raven, Diamond, Electra, Storm, Boulder, Raven and does he still have the same 3 mares he had at the beginning of the series? I`ve watched those films so many times and I could watch them agai and again. Thank you so much for all your hard work in all kinds of weather. You are one brave person and Very dedidated. Your films showed so much passion and I loved the parts about the beautiful Plentycu and his fight to keep his family together. Be careful and look up everynow and then. We dont want the lions to get you(smile) With much admiration and respect, Thaddeus Hudson a fan for life.

  • Executive Producer

    thanks for the nice comments about our theme music. It was specially written for Nature and you will not find it anywhere else. We will be posting the theme on the website soon for all to download and enjoy. And for people interested in our ‘tree’ logo – it is an Acacia tree – found on the African Plains.

  • Sarah in Brooklyn

    I also adore the theme song — at first I could not understand why the fantastic previous song had been changed, but the new one is equally outstanding and makes my heart soar. It can be found for free online through a search but like others here I’d gladly buy it to support pbs. Would love to hear the old one again, too.

  • Sue

    This is my favorite show on television.

  • Sylvia

    I just LOVE the original (long) version theme song–that’s the biggest reason for me to watch NATURE. The program is equally great, but without the theme song, it just won’t be as great. This is the best of all TV programs and of course the best theme song of all!

  • brian

    Man! They shortened the theme song to put in some stupid Essy Johnson commercial! :(

  • briantravelman

    Where can I send in my own episodes of “NATURE”? I got some amazing footage of, Whales In The Sacramento River, Sea Creatures On The Oregon Coast, Creatures In My Own Backyard, and a Rare Gathering Of Thousands Of Dolphins And Sea Birds In The Channel Islands.

  • Tracy

    I’m a homeschool mom of 2 children who love Nature. Any chance the educational material provided to school teachers could be made available to homeschool parents as well? Also.. where can we find some of the episodes you don’t have listed in the “watch full episodes” section?

  • djamel

    I have loved Nature from the first time I saw it. Among my most favorite was all animal. I am very grateful for this site web. i’ m ingineer in geography i love it
    best regard

  • Dylan

    I grew up with the series. I loved the original opening along with George Page narrating. I wish the whole series from the beginning would be released as DVD box sets.

  • Joe

    Anyone know name of song in nature commercial?

  • briantravelman

    What was the name of that Spanish song that was playing in the Cuba episode?

  • briantravelman

    Um…excuse me? When are Fragments Of Eden, Land Of The Falling Lakes, Life In Death Valley, Ireland, Iceland, Andes:Black Dragon, Kalahari:Thirstland, Galapagos, Under Antarctic Ice, Vancouver Underwater, Puget Sound, Coral Triangle, Puerto Rican Monkeys, gonna air again! See! There’s a lot of good episodes, you guys are showing the worser ones! Dogs and Monkeys with AIDS, is not NATURE! Looking forward to seeing some of the episodes on my list!

  • redd

    Fragments of Eden, Coral Triangle – those shows are 20 years old, The recent shows are better!

  • briantravelman

    Ya, so! I don’t care! I saw “Fragments Of Eden” a few years ago! That was the first episode I saw, and it’s also my favorite episode, but back then I didn’t know what show it was! And the new episodes are NOT better! Well except, Cuba:Wild Island Of The Caribbean, Land Of The Fallining Lakes, Ireland, and probably those other ones I haven’t seen! They’re from 2004, but that’s still relatively new! I don’t care how old they are, I wanna see them again! Any websites where you can watch them for free?

  • hannah

    it is great

  • Ginger Kathrens

    Thanks, Thaddeus, for your comments about the Cloud programs. To answer your questions: Red Raven is doing great–still with Blue Sioux; Diamond is fine too and is still with the beautiful Palomino mare (Cloud’s mother); Raven, Cloud’s father has passed away. I miss him very much as he introduced me to his mountain and family; Electra is stlll as beautiful as ever and is well; Bolder is featured in our upcoming show, Cloud: The Stallion King. He is an amazing young stallion who has done remarkable things to be revealed in the new show to premier sometime in this year we hope. I have watched Nature since year, never imagining that I would sometime get to produce for them. Quite a privilege!

  • Kristi

    Thank you sooo much for this show. My Family looks forward to every episode. I have always had a soft spot for Elephants and have felt REALLY sad for the elephants at our local zoo. Now my heart breaks for them.
    An an inspiring young photographer I hope to one day to have an experience that will come close to this.

  • briantravelman

    This is kind of like that show, Planet Earth, only a cagillion times better!

  • Betty Huff

    Enjoyed the info and delighted in the antics of the subject,skunksIn your broadcast a recipe for bathing skunked pets was given. Could you repeat the ingredients and their measures? Thank you.

  • Marie I. Silva

    Although I have cable with hundreds of channels to watch nothing beats PBS, especially Nature, I can watch three different episodes of Nature a week.

  • David Martin IV

    Most Important show on pbs!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think this is the best show on television!!!!!

  • brian

    Why do almost all the seasons start in October?

  • Brian

    This show is only one week older then my PE teacher! This is the longest running show on television! That’s awesome!

  • Brian

    Man! They dont show scenes from next epiosde during the credits anymore! I liked that way better!

  • Brian

    Oh my goodness! Can you guys please take that essy johnson commercial off the air! I dont like it! Is a really annoying! i don’t like that Essy Johnson guy! he’s annoying!

  • Brian

    Suggestion for future shows

    Puerto Rico
    Virgin Islands
    Nature Meets Humans
    Oregon Coast
    Egypt: Land Of The Pharoes
    Manatees Of Homosassa
    Iraq: Land In Turmoil

  • Aaron

    Spectacular work Nature! Especially since your now featuring wolves, North Americas most intensively studied and controversial predator. Wolves have territory, complex social structures, and battles in between packs. There stories or extremely fascinating! More and more needs to be learned about them, thank you so much for these programs.

    For those who love nature, please watch-In The Valley Of The Wolves-by Bob Landis.

  • d e aust

    I wish you’d put one or two old episodes with George Page on your site. I’d love to hear his voice just one more time.

  • namita

    Keep it up! that’s all i can say….

  • Brian Swierczynski

    I can’t get Jeff Corwin’s e-mail address; so would it be possible to interview Frank Koffman, or one of the narrators, or one of the camera men, this week, for a school report? Would this be possible? Please post back if it would!
    Thank you

  • Brian Swierczynski

    I know! I got the guy’s name wrong! That’s exactly what she told us not to do, but if I could get an interview with a Nature guy, that would be great!

  • Carl HILL


  • nature staff says…

    it’s called a manakin bird. it was from our series, Deep Jungle.

  • S. Brown

    I truly enjoy the series. (My favorites are Nature, Nova, and Frontline) My favorite episodes of Nature are “Raptorforce” and “Pale male”. Are there any updates on Pale male? It was such an inspiring story. being a city dweller it can be quite easy to be oblivious to the nature all around you. I thought it was great to see fellow city dwellers come out in force and with such dedication watching the daily activities of the Hawks. There are Hawks that make their homes in my area. I live near the Genesee River so, I have the chance to see them flying around. However, now I watch them with more appreciation respect and wonder. Keep up the wonderful and inspiring work!

  • briantravelman

    Do you have any episodes on Yosimite? Cause if not, I can make you one!

  • briantravelman

    What happend to that video contest thing? I might do it! I can’t find it now!

  • mcostello

    Who narrated Penguins of the Antarctic?

  • briantravelman

    I think it was Eduardo Trucco! The same guy who narrated the Cuba episode!

  • Nature staff

    To mcostello – Actor Will Patton narrated Penguins…

  • holmes

    Anyone know where in the world the tree on the Nature logo is located?


    To Holmes: The acacia tree is found in Africa.

  • briantravelman

    Why does this site take so long to load? I hope in the furure, this problem will be resolved!

  • Dave C

    I just finished watching tonight’s episode of Nature, “The Loneliest Animals,” on my local PBS station, and I just wanted to say that y’all really and truly hit it out of the park tonight. Amazing footage and an incredibly interesting and heartbreaking story. Thank you so much!

  • Brian R. Lee

    I really really love this movie!

  • Brian R. Lee

    If I want to watch Nature: Crash-A Tale of Two Species, then this movie will be dazzling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brian R. Lee

    The movie “The Loneliest Animals” makes me dazzling too and I agree with Dave C!

  • briantravelman

    What I would like to know is where you find your camera man! Do you hire special people to film certain episodes for you, or can anyone just send something in! Same with the narrator!

  • Robert hemingway

    After watching tonight’s show I too was left wanting to find the theme song. According to post # 36 of this thread the song can be on this website. Problem is there is no mention as to where on the site it was posted. Nature’s website does not have a downloads page; what gives?

  • NATURE Online

    You can download the theme music by clicking “Download the NATURE Theme Music” in the right-hand menu. Here’s the direct link:


    I really really like this movie!

  • kayla

    i love the turtle video

  • r.howard

    I LOVE this show. It’s been on for 27 seasons? I just saw my first episode the other night, about the lonely sea turtle…. AMAZING!!! Such great imagery and I learned so much. I now deem this show my favorite show of all time

  • Miranda

    what kind of tree is that on the opening??????
    next to ‘nature’??????????/
    PLEASEEEEEE tell me, my dad wont leave me be about it

  • Brother Mark

    NATURE is a classic television series that keeps getting better and better. Love it!

  • Tina

    Does anyone know what kind of tree is in the Nature logo??

  • Tina

    Ahhh i read one of the comments mentioned it was an Acacia tree.

  • will lawrence

    5/28/09 ::10:00pm–just watched Nature prog. hell on earth about Death Valley. The credits were slewed and I couldn’t read the narrator’s name.
    I really enjoyed George Page.

  • briantravelman

    Dude! What did you guys do to the schedule link? I can’t find my station now, and it only shows one episode instead of 3! And I have channel 9, but is KIXE, not the one you guys have, so I don’t know now!

  • Win Harrison

    The irreplacable George Page had a beautiful voice, a clearly gentle soul, a slow deliberate thoughtful pace, passion, and such grace – it would be wonde4rful if you could find an equivalent host now. It would be even better if Nature/PBS and frankly all of cable television re-investigated what made Nature in the ’80s and National Gepographic in the ’70s-early ’90s special. Wild animals are not cute – they are vicious and it’s a glory that Page and the ‘8u0s Nature crew understood this. PBS Nature – Get back to your roots, I plead you.

  • greg

    to Nature staff: can you put the episode the “seedy side of plants” on the nature website so i can watch the full episode

  • Roxy

    Re: Cloud, Wild Mustang of the Rockies and Clouds Legacy

    Nature and Ginger Kathrens,

    Thank you so much for bringing the 15 year story of these beautiful american treasures into our lives. The story being told by Ginger Kathrens (outstanding talent!) is dramatic, breathtakingly beautiful, and heartfelt – Emmy well deserved!

    On pins and needles for the third installment later this year (October/Novemeber I think?). I check PBS Nature: Cloud and the Cloud Foundation websites almost daily for updates on progress to save the mustangs. And while I’m there, can’t help but watch the episodes again on-line.

    We must save these wild horses from human meddling and slaughter and allow them to run free.

  • Christine Baer

    Horse and Rider, Cloud,Clouds Legacy amd Wild Mstangs.
    I wish there were more shows like these to show the American People what Magnificent Creatures Horses truly are and what they truly mean to the American Heritage.Maybe if the American People were more aware to what is happening to our American Horses more could be done to save them. Thank You from a Horse Owner and Lover of these Beautiful animals!!

  • Rachel Gaffney

    I love waching cloud and the fols grow up.Im a horse lover and I have 2 horses my self and I think its an insperation . I wish there were more shows like this and I jest wish people wouldent take them away . its sad how there population is gowing doun and how there homes our being distroyd so I think its awsome how cloud can ceep gowing and never give up.

  • corol patey

    love to see wild horses in the wild untouched by man

  • Catherine

    Who does the voice-overs for this series?

  • NATURE Online

    Most of the narration in new episodes is done by F. Murray Abraham. However, there are exceptions. Click “Production Credits” in the menu for a particular episode to find out who narrated it.

  • Bruce Frye

    I often forget to notice the name of the narrator for the Nature shows. While I watch I find myself wondering who it is. Sometimes I recognize the voice, but not for Black Mamba. Could you mention the name of the narrator on the website? Thanks

  • jamie

    I fell in love with the orphan brothers the day I watched it. I want to know what has come of Toki. Poor Sambu!! I was proud of Toki for learning to accept that Sambu would never come back. I wish the best for all of you! God Bless you.

  • chihara b

    I love the shows.I teach my cat “daughter” smokey with these shows.She tries to talk to the animals on the shows.Chihara Barnes the typing cat 11+
    p.s. i AM a cat!

  • brian swierczynski

    Dude! I don’t know if you guys have heard, but some Wolves are moving into Northern California! They already made it to northern Nevada and southern Oregon, and should reach California within the next few years! Me living in Northern California, I would love to have some wolves! Ranchers aren’t to happy about this though, because they are afraid the wolves will kill they’re cattle! They hope to establish some protected areas in Siskiyou and Modoc county, where the wolves can be save! I would love if “Nature” would have a chance to document this!

  • ETap

    Nature is at the zenith of my favorite programs on PBS – since the beginning. There is something so warm and moving about the way F.Murray Abraham delivers the always excellent narrative. He deserves much recognition for his part in the show’s wonderfulness.

  • brian

    I can’t wait till the “Wild Balkans” episode! I really like that part of Europe! I hope it’s something like “Land Of The Falling Lakes”

  • AJ

    Is the Frog episode – the thin green line available for sale?

  • Anju Chawda

    I love ‘Nature’. First, the opening theme. Second, Mr. Abraham’s voice, and third, the beautiful scenery and the whole presentation. Congratulations to the genious, who came up with this heart-satisfying series.

  • Sandyinoh

    We really enjoy your series and always look forward to listening to the ‘lead in’ music. Could you please tell us more about the composer and if there is any way we could purchase the theme song on CD?

  • Tiffany Riley

    I just discovered this NATURE series, I was looking for videos to show my students in my environmental program and this came up. I am soo glad that I found it. In only a few hours of browsing I have fallen in love with the perception of nature on this web page. It makes learning easier and it really captures all the things that students want to see animals and nature do! I love it!!!

  • Pedro

    Thanks!!!! I love watching this late night on Saturdays :D Every single episode catches my attention!!


  • Alex Harman

    I’ve been a fan of Nature since “Flight of the Condor” aired, shortly before my eighth birthday. Some of the early episodes, like “Forest in the Clouds,” “The Rotten World About Us,” and especially “Secret Weapons,” remain among my favorite documentaries ever filmed. I recently began teaching an ecology course at a private career-training school in Phoenix, and I would love to have some of those old Nature episodes on DVD to show to my students. In fact, if I could I would purchase the entire series in DVD or download format. I think a fair number of teachers, schools, and libraries might do the same, and I hope PBS will consider offering such a set at some point in the near future.

  • Bilal

    Without shows like Nature on PBS, one may accurately state there would be little reason in owning a television in one’s house. (Best Documentary Show Ever!)

  • mahesh

    nature is good for human life It gives happy in our life

  • Alvin Hannon II

    Absolutely my all time favorite television show. I have watched from the inception of the show and have seen every show since. Today I am going to watch the Crow episode online hopefully since I was entertaining last evening and missed it. I miss George Page’s unique insight and voice, which cannot be duplicated. The latest narrator of many of the series is also excellent! A wish of mine would be to do a voiceover for the show if you ever need someone. It is my hope that Nature will always be on television. Thanks Nature and PBS!

  • James Richard Tyrer

    Do you know what species of Acacia the tree in the logo and title sequence is?

  • Jack Young

    I really miss George Page. I wonder if one day, hopefully soon, advances in audio technology will allow him to “narrate” the program again. No other voice melds so perfectly with it.

  • Kathy Heaton

    Available on DVD in January:
    ”The Real Macaw”

  • duha syar

    I LOVE NATURE. id give donations but we are poor. me and my dad watch it every Sunday and love it. i am an animal lover and nature has got me even closer to animals.i wish it keeps on air and i can watch it on t.v.if theres any t.v show that needs money i encourage to give it to nature.Absolutely my all time favorite television show. I have watched from the inception of the show and have seen every show since. Today I am going to watch the Crow episode on-line hopefully since I was entertaining last evening and missed it. I miss George Page’s unique insight and voice, which cannot be duplicated. The latest narrator of many of the series is also excellent! A wish of mine would be to do a voice over for the show if you ever need someone. It is my hope that Nature will always be on television. Thanks Nature and PBS!it is the best animal information show ever. if u are allergic or dont like animals i tell you to watch just one and i know that you’ll love it. these animals are endangered and it shows us that they need help.i hope you watch it i know this is long but it will show everyone that nature might go out of business and could use our help so please donate money and they give u gifts if u do .plz plz donate money.thanks to all of u out there for reading and plzzzzzzzz doooooooooooonate!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kara Stella

    My husband truly enjoyed the episodes that covered how America has changed (back when George Page was narrating). Is there any way to get ahold of these episodes? I can’t find them on the internet at all. Thank you.

  • Ralph Sechriest

    I have an original Copy of Dr Harris book (Nearly 200 years old). I was atempting to determine the value of the book. It has the old script letters. This is not a copy or a reprinting. If you have any information, I would be gratful if you could email me (rsechriest@embarqmail,com). THANK YOU

  • Stewart

    I love the content of what I have so far seen of your web site. But, I find what I first became interested in quite confusing. Having interest in the story of Cloud, the mustang stallion, I found it very hard to determine a proper sequence of what to watch first, how many sequences were made, when made and what is the final and wondering if the final was ever broadcast or on the web site. I watched two episodes of Cloud in wrong order, then saw a preview of a third episode which said it would be broadcast in October 25, a Sunday. Well, October 25 of this year, 2011, is not a Sunday. The most recent Oct. 25 on a Sunday was back in 2009. Your page has a copyright of 2011, so I assume I am not viewing a very old page of an old site. Can you see how confusing this all is? Please give me some direction. I would very much like to follow up on the story of Cloud. I left off where his lead mare gave birth but still exhibited a deformity in her abdomen and the concern was that she might not be around to help her foal survive the winter.

  • thaddeus hudson

    Hello Ms Katherins, You responded to me! That is great! I was reading the latest posts about Cloud and went to “about the series” and there it is. That is so great! I continue to watch your great films about the lives of Cloud and all the wild horses and I still want MORE! I`ve learned so much from you and all who are associated with the films and I look on the sites as often as possible for anything new. I know it has been a long time since Raven has died but I miss seeing him. He was my first and still is one of the most handsome wild horse. Cloud is still so magnificent even at 17? I`ve watched your beautiful films over and over and they are better the more I do. Are you still able to get up on the horse ranges as often as you used too? How is trace and is he as beautiful as he was? Did Cloud breed Queen while they were together? I know it is usually a week before a mare comes into heat after giving birth. Could Cloud have had a foal before Bolder? Whats next Ginger? How do you improve on profection. I cant wait for your next project. You are so brave and dedicated and there needs to be more people like you are at least in that sense. Thanks again for replying to my questions and stay safe. We need you. Jane Goodall and Dianne Fossy comes to mind when I think about you.

  • Cosmo

    This has got to be the worst season of Nature ever. I used to love the show but now there are more people in every episode than animals!

  • Robert Beauville

    I need to know the names of the narators at NATURE. I know one of them is Murray Abraham, but who narrates the Monteray Bay Aquarium episode of NATURE ? ? ? DOES ANYBODY KNOW ? ? ?

  • Roger

    Why did you changed Natures time slot from sunday to wed and not explain it or leave a comment section. It makes no sense to change from sundays. It was perfect for kids and adults on sunday (nothing good on TV).So your most popular show you change. It was not even on in my area sunday. I am starting to believe since “some” people wanted PBS defunded and failed that PBS higher ups are trying to satisfy there old bosses. That would explain the constant reruns of bad shows and limiting Nature.

  • Mark

    I hope I’m not the only person disappointed with the abridged opening theme music (which I really enjoyed). What does it take to get the producers to understand this error, and reverse it. It’s only another 15 seconds or so of music.

  • Bill

    Please broadcast Nature on Sunday at 8:00pm again. It was a perfect time!

  • Phyllis Ford

    I want to know where the tree is located that you see when the show first comes on. I think I saw that exact tree in the movie about Else’s Legacy. Please confirm.

  • MichiganBirder

    I would love to watch the old episodes with George Page again. Please consider offering them on this website, or perhaps some of the early ones could be released by PBS on DVD. I have watched Nature since the early 1980’s and always had a great affection for the series. It is still a great series with its fine wildlife photography, but the episodes with George Page as host and narrator were the definitely the best.

  • Effie

    Was looking for more info on Mr. George Page when finding THIS page. I am so appreciative for ALL who are responsible in some way who have made these wonderful, educational programs for our enjoyment. Mr. Page had a most remarkable voice that could calm the nerves of any person, young or old. And yes, the music blends in with each different show. To this day, I look forward in having “a date” with *NATURE. Soon, they will again show the program on frogs! I had the Blessing of being raised in the country–in the days (and nights) where I could experience the beauty and sounds of what used to be here. Greed for land and money has destroyed much of what used to be here. *NATURE takes one to places that most of us would never see or even hear of! Again, my thanks to all. I am reminded of a time (within the last 15 years) when taking someone to the state fair where I live. They’d lived in the city of New York since birth. For the first time, she saw a cow! I was in shock. I pray that this wonderful program will always remain on our TV sets, computers, and any other technology where one can see, hear and learn about these most beautiful creatures.

  • Igrat

    I’ll appreciate if you continue this in future. I love it.

  • Fred Brooks Nanaimo BC

    Hello … I’m looking for the one hour long “Nature” video on Ireland which was broadcast in the early 80’s, narrated by George Page. At about the 33 minute mark there is an ‘optical illusion’ spelling a word seen while looking downward onto a nesting field. If you can help locate it I will share the hidden word with you! I seen the video twice back then and have remembered this ever since. email: brx at or 250 751 0950. If a viewer or someone at PBS can assist, that would be appreciated. Thanks, Fred. Nanaimo, BC April 20, 2013.

  • Ray Marcano

    Sir David Attenborough rocks…..”I’m here in the himalayas where I’m soaking wet”…..the strong british accent and the panting like gasping for air. He is my favorite narrator together with Carl Sagan.

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