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Fred Kaufman, Executive Producer

June 2008

Welcome to the new, improved NATURE site…more for the NATURE viewer to do and enjoy.

First, we’ve added a lot more content including behind-the-scenes updates from filmmakers, news about upcoming episodes and a selection of full episodes online. Next, we want to hear from you. At the bottom of every post you will see a ‘commenting’ tool. Use it. Tell us what you think, what you like or dislike, make suggestions or just add a comment. Do you have an idea for a NATURE documentary? Pass it along.

My favorite feature is getting to see NATURE episodes still in production – images fresh from the field — and hearing from our producers and cinematographers firsthand. Usually, behind-the-scenes action is as interesting as the finished film — so, I want to share with you the experience of shooting underwater lava from the Hawaiian volcano, Kilauea. The film will air next winter, but the footage is very recent and cameraman Paul Atkins’ account of filming ‘fire underwater’ is pretty amazing.

So, pick up a snorkel and fins and read on

- Fred Kaufman
Executive Producer

  • Fernando F.

    I just watch the documentary about the honeybees problem. It was mention the neuro-disruptor insecticide could be the problem. If I’m not wrong it was introduce few years ago, and I think might it be killing bees for apparently different causes, but the common cause could be the insecticide.
    The documentary didn’t mention if the use of this kind of insecticide was suspended just in case it was the cause of this huge problem. There is too much at stake and if after suspending this insecticide the bees make a come back the mystery would be gone.
    Is the insecticide still in use?

  • Helen O.

    Hey this new Nature website is pretty cool. It is better than the original Nature website and the previous blue Nature website I been on since this past week or last week. I want to see the “Best of Nature episode. When will Nature put the whole entire episodes online? Where are all of the other Nature episodes from previous seasons? There should be a viewer comment, or panel like message boards to talk about the episodes and a fan club. I wish the creator of Nature was hear to see this, this would be so cool. Also, the viewers should connect with Nature, the show and its producers to give feedback. I like it.

  • marian moore

    I enjoy every show on PBS, especially Nature, which is my favorite one. I really do miss George Page narrating some of these shows; too bad he’s gone; he had such a good voice. However, I am still a big fan of PBS, and usually watch it often. I especially enjoyed the Jane Austen serials that were on; also the Forsyte Saga and the Cazalets. Keep up the good work.

  • gerhard lenski

    What has happened to the TV show that used to be broadcast at 8 PM Sundays? That was great timing for family viewing. Now all you offer in that valuable time slot is a variety of shows that are not worth viewing. Maybe you need to hire someone who is better at scheduling (by the way, when is Nature on now, or have you killed it completely?

  • NATURE Online

    NATURE is broadcast on most PBS stations at 8pm on Sundays. To find out when NATURE is on in your area, click “schedule” near the top of the site. http://www.pbs.org/wnet/nature/schedule/

  • Pam

    My Mom lives in Iowa and she said she saw a show last night about the Ribbon of Sand off the coast of North Carolina. We live inland North Carolina but it sounded like she was talking of the Barrier Islands. Do shows air differently in different states? I am also curious about the different geological faults and the shifting of the plates underneath. Will you be doing a show on that?

  • CJMargulis

    I’m sadly disappointed as some of your “older” episodes (i.e. non-current season) are not accessible here. In particular, I wanted to see full list of people featured in the Flight School episode about teh Whopping Cranes and hope to contact them. Thanks.

  • NATURE Online

    Looking for older episodes? Stay tuned. We’re working hard to add more episodes all the time.

  • Mary de Hayr

    I am trying to find out how I can obtain a copy of “The Call of Kakadu” produced by David Curl, zoologist. It is the story of a family of Kookaburras and other animals in Kakadu.

  • Brenda

    I am desperately trying to find out if there is a soundtrack available for the Nature series opening theme music and if so where can I obtain a copy? If there isn’t one there should be. It’s beatiful!

  • JM

    I have always been a huge fan of Nature ever since I was a young child. I still love to watch and learn and it never ceases to teach me something new. It’s such a beautiful series on so many levels! I have a bit of a random question: Were there ever any episodes on Guinea Pigs? If so, what’s the title? I don’t recall any, but I think it would be a bit illuminating. It’s surprising what people don’t know about those little animals!

  • Brenda

    If you can help Cloud & his band of mares-now is the time!Save Cloud and His Wild Herd:Petition

    Wild horses older than 11 years. (Cloud and Velvet and most of the band stallions and lead mares fall in this category.)

  • Kathy

    Now would be a good time to run the story of Cloud again and at the same time make the public aware of what BLM is planning. I’ve contacted my senators but I’m in Indiana. These horses need help. It’s a disgrace the way our American Icon the Horse is treated. Please Please Help


    Sorry about the name, just noticed another Brenda–I posted the Help Cloud petition.

  • sophia dalle

    Mr. KaufmAN


    Mr. Kaufman,
    Do you have an idea for a NATURE documentary? Pass it along.
    Yes, PLEASE do a documentary on the slaughter of our American Icons-the wild horses by the BLM-they are planning on thousands more being destroyed and it is just WRONG! The wild horses belong to the American people-not the BLM! Please sir, look at this site and see what the BLM is planning:
    Animal Welfare Institute Condemns BLM Proposal to Kill Thousands of Wild Horses in Holding Facilities

    The proposal to resume killing the public’s wild horses will be discussed at the next National Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board meeting scheduled for September 2008. AWI encourages the public and the US Congress to act swiftly to protect our horses, whose lives are at risk at the hands of the very agency tasked with the responsibility to care for them.
    For More Information:
    Managing for Extinction: Shortcomings of the Bureau of Land Management’s National Wild Horse and Burro Program

    Chris Heyde, (703) 836-4300

  • Joanna

    “The proposal to resume killing the public’s wild horses will be discussed at the next National Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board meeting scheduled for September 2008.”
    What’s wrong with people? Maybe we all need more education – that’s why there should be more documentaries about nature problems and about nature in general.
    Please make a documentary about the horses, help to save them and try to find another solution for overpopulated horses than killing them.

  • Alfiluvu

    Please do what you can to save the wild horses. Why does ‘man’ always feel he has to ‘manage’ wildlife??? Nature already has a perfectly good manager.
    A good documentary would reach a lot more people and maybe something would be done to stop this awful genocide they are planning.

  • Jocelyn Koopmann

    Hi Mr. Kaufman, You have a passion for beauty. I see the ladies have mentioned the Wild Horses. They run on freeland. What a beautiful sight that would be. But sad if it is taken for grazing cattle for greed. Please keep the beauty and passion. I just signed this petition.http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/save-cloud-and-his-wild-herd Glad I saw your web site, thank you so much.

  • FreeSpiritRunning

    Sorry, Thanks to Brenda for the petition site, just saw it hon…your a sweetie, Peace.

  • LindaM

    Please use your media influence to alert the nation of the planned slaughter of wild horses. We must must work together to save and enhance wold beauty – not contimue to over exploit our respurces and destroy all other beings on earth.

  • Marisa

    As Brenda, Kathy, Sophia et al, I also urge you to cover the story of Cloud and their horrible situation right now, WITH URGENCY!!! We are destroying the world and its creatures for cattle feed, for pure greed, and it’s just WRONG!! Please help Mr. Kaufman!!! A lot of people, and horses, will be extremely grateful! Thanks from the heart.

  • Debbie Low

    Mr. Kaufman, Please run the special about Cloud and his family. We need all the public awareness we can get if we are to save these majestic creatures. BLM has given them until 7-11-08, then their time is up. Please help get the word out about their plight, if we can’t change BLM’s minds set on this herd cull-one day possibly very soon there will no longer be such a thing as Wild Mustangs… and that would be a horrible tragedy.Time is short.. please act now everyone reading this: sign the petition, contact your senate reps either by phone or email, speak out against this inhuman slaughter of our Wild Horses.

  • Bruce Combs

    I’m so grateful for this site and especially its comment feature. We’ve all got to help keep it alive as it is helping what we hope to accomplish!

  • Vicky F.

    Please run the special about Cloud and his family. It is pathetic what Montana wants to do with these American icons! And WHY? They are born to roam free. Please alert EVERYONE to their plight. We MUST save them from these idiots wanting to cull their numbers! HORRIBLE!

  • Vicky F.

    Please run the special about Cloud and his family again. It is pathetic what Montana wants to do with these American icons! And WHY? They are born to roam free. Please alert EVERYONE to their plight. We MUST save them from these idiots wanting to cull their numbers! HORRIBLE!

  • Carolyn

    Please run the wonderful special you did for Cloud and his family again…to make a point and hopefully touch peoples hearts and spirits of the need to let these beautiful creatures that share our world to be able to run free. Thank you so much for your consideration

  • Alicya

    Hello, I am am big Nature lover,it is like magic.Have a lot of wild horses pictures hanging on the wall.
    But I am here to ask you to create more awareness can you help other people to understand these beautiful horses..?
    Like what you did for Cloud,it helps people to understand -> :0) thank you and have a wonderful day & weekend

  • Summer

    Please run the special about Cloud and his herd again to create awareness for the wild horses. We have wild horses on the outer banks..near where I live. The govt has taken over the island and is *MANAGING* the herd. A few years back….that meant taking some of them off of the island (Because they were diseased and were a threat to other animals in the county??? They have NO contact with other animals in the county!!) and euthanized. This was done *SECRETLY* and didn’t become known until AFTER the fact! If it had of been known….people in the county would NOT have stood for it….and they knew that! These horses have been there for years! Now they keep the numbers at a certain amount….taking foals off the island and selling them. I think it is an outrage! I have watched these magnificent animals all my life. I think they should be left alone. They did very well….by themself….for years….with NO HELP FROM MAN!!! That goes for ALL wild horses in America! I think Cloud and his herd should be left alone to *RUN FREE* for the rest of their lives!!! Please help save the wild horses….not just in MONTANA but everywhere in the USA!!!! But right now….PLEASE DO WHAT YOU CAN TO HELP SAVE CLOUD and his herd!!!! They are in dire need of help!!!

  • Susan D.

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for hearing these people in support of the horses’ survival.

    Since the deadline is July 11, it will be shown this Sunday, July 6 @ 8pm–check your local listings.

    we will be watching, it has to make a difference.

  • Sheila

    Please do what you can to help Cloud and Herd, the entire world is hell bent on killing anything that is “in the way” please don’t let this happen, you can do so much to help! If the world of people could slow down for a minute, realize WE are the ones pushing animals into extinction, stealing their land, their homes, and then complaining about them over-running US?? These times, they are not a-changing, HELP, please!

  • Sheila

    Just got word that PBS is running the film on Cloud and Herd again, thank you so much!

  • Jaclin

    Mr Kaufman I do hope that you can see you way clear to helping Cloud and his family – all wild life should run free in their natural habitat. Please Help. Love & Light Surround You Always. Thanx. J

  • Morgan

    Thank you for running the film on Cloud and his herd again. Please do what you can on a personal basis for this family of wild horses. This is a part of the American heritage and to see them gunned down due to poor management by a government agency is to see once again the animals suffer due to the failure of people and government agencies. Help turn this tragedy around starting with these noble animals that have every right to be running free. I beg of you to help.–Morgan

  • Jessica

    I am so happy to hear that PBS will be running the episode with Cloud and his family. Thank you so much!




    PBS-Thank you all so much for showing Cloud & the wild horses again this Sun. July 6-so many people are fighting to try and save our American Mustangs! We the people own these horses-”NOT” BLM and they are breaking the law in trying to destroy them! We “all” have to raise hell about this to BLM & our goverment to make the citizens voices heard for the wild horses to be heard loud and clear! WE ARE A VOICE FOR THE VOICELESS!

  • Michael W.

    Thanks Kathy for bringing this to so many people’s attention. Sen. Harry Reid is from Nevada and since he’s in charge of the Senate and therefore by default,the entire country it would seem he could be contacted by all.





    NEVADA GOV.JIM GIBBONS: wants to remove largest herd of horses in US on public land. If he gets his way, they will likely end up in slaughter houses in Canada and Mexico-VISIT SITE: PLZ HELP THE HORSES & LEAVE COMMENT!

  • http://-- Соколь

    У вас конечно много чего упрощено, в отличии от реалий… :)

  • Alvin Hannon II

    I have been watching Nature since it started and let me say it is my favorite TV show of all time bar none!! Please keep on producing this excellence in television and if you ever need someone to do the commentary such as the great F. Murray Abraham does, I would like to give it a shot. Last nights season 27 premiere was fantastic! I was glued the whole hour and as fascinated as ever! I do miss George Page and feel comforted to still hear his voice as a recording. I consider myself the number one fan of this show and hope it nevers stops running. Thanks PBS, Fred and Nature.


    My eight year old son was devestated that you cut the theme song off the beginning of the show. The music and the photos of the animals were amazing! He used to run into the room when he heard it start now he barely gets to enjoy it. He wanted me to email and ask why it was removed and to tell the writer of the song how amazing he is for creating such a beautiful piece. Raquel Plato mom of Aidan Plato

  • Fred

    Dear Ms. Plato
    We cut down our Nature open when our films run long and extend beyond the hour we are given. However, you are not the first viewer to complain about our theme music being cut. As the executive producer of Nature, I’m pleased that so many people enjoy our music – in fact we plan on posting the full song on our site very soon.

  • Anne Bower

    I greatly enjoy the theme song, too. I look forward to the posting of the full song on the website!

  • lam tuyen seaton

    Last year, my students were delighted watching the movie at website: http://pbs.org.wnet/nature/alienempire/multimedia/hive.html
    This year, I want to use this website to present my students the lesson “What do you know about the bees?” again but the page could not be found. May I have a favor that I have the video? If yes, please give me feedback and the price of the video. Thank you.

  • Matt

    OMG dis show is SO AWSUM!!!!

  • Matt


  • Matt

    I can’t wait 2 C Christmas in Yellowstone for its 3rd year running
    (December 21)

  • coolguy


  • Nate

    What would I have to do to be able to get a job working with this amazing program?

  • Chad

    A show about Owls would be very cool. Maybe Snowy Owls? A show about Alaska would be cool, maybe the Brown Bears there. Great show, I love it, keep it up!

  • redd

    I’d like to work on this show too. I love the outdoors and the animals are more interesting than people.

  • matt

    happy new year NATURE!!! have a good 2009

  • matt

    NATURE is my human NATURE!!


  • matt

    w00t 60th coment!

  • matt

    w00t comment #58- first comment of ‘09 lol!

  • matt

    WTH comment #45

  • Quogmondere

    I too miss Mr. Page, I remember him from the early days of CNN; but the addition last year of F. Murray Abraham has made the show whole once more. His vocal presence is almost deific and elevates certain episodes beyond mere observation to an art form.

  • briantravelman

    Can I send in my own footage, and someone else can narrate?Or I can narrate myself, whatever works for you?

  • Patricia V Rose

    Hi Fred, I love anything considered nature. I love birdwatching and I photograph anything I see that moves (i.e.butterflies, birds, bear, deer, skunks, turtles etc) I went to The Glass Garden Shoppe here and they sell a honeybee catcher that kills these precious most needed little bees. Why with their down cline would anyone want to destroy them. I would love to see a documentary on nesting and hatching of birds that most of us see in our yards or when we go visiting in other areas. I have nest boxes in my back yard and have Carolina chickadees and bluebirds sitting on eggs. I also have brown thrasher, bluejays, house sparrows nesting in my yard. I think this would be great for kids to see and I know you would deliver the best shots. Thanks for caring and for sharing your love with the rest of us.
    Pat Rose

  • shedevil88

    i can’t say how much i appreciate this program and have been watching it ever since i was a child…..would like to see more full episodes online though as the pbs tower out here in the middle of north dakota hasn’t been working right for almost a year now even though the broadcasting station is RIGHT IN TOWN HERE. this all means that i can no longer watch ANY pbs even though i live close to it!!! Help! this program used to be the ONLY show i was allowed to watch while i was growing up….(i came from a cult)

  • John de Vecchis

    Nature is my MUST SEE program – nothing on any form of TV (Netorks, cable, C-Band, etc.) compares to PBS programming, especially NATURE. I wish it was in HD on more than just Comcast. DIRECTV nor DISH TV carry it in HD (at least in the Philadelphia-South Jersey area) I wish NATURE would in the off season rebroadcast repeats of NATURE programs from 20 or 25 years ago. I have been watching NATURE ever since it started and would like my young relatives to have the chance to see some of the older programs. I remember a series of programs on the History of science, which I have somewhere on VHS and many ,many other past shows.

  • Sue hindmarsh

    What is the tree in Nature program logo

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