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Dive to the Abyss

NATURE explores the ocean depths in DIVE TO THE ABYSS.

Not all mountains require humanity to look skyward. Many of them rise from the ocean floor, their majestic peaks visible only to the exotic marine life that inhabits the depths of the Earth's "last frontier."

NATURE takes viewers to this and other fascinating ocean environments on three of the most ambitious deep-sea explorations ever undertaken, in the premiere of DIVE TO THE ABYSS.

Through cameras mounted on manned and unmanned submersibles capable of plunging to depths of nearly four miles, the program explores the ocean deep in Monterey Bay Canyon off the California coast; the Cayman Wall at Grand Cayman in the Caribbean; and the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, which is part of a chain of undersea mountains that virtually circles the globe. They mark some of the most volcanic and geologically active areas on the planet.

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