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Critter Guide
Mammals: Kangaroo


Kangaroos can be the size of a rat or as tall as a man. Baby kangaroos (joeys) are born as small, hairless babies that climb into the safety of their mother's pouch, where they continue to grow and suckle.

Where do they live?:

Kangaroos live throughout Australia, Tasmania, and New Guinea.

What do they eat?:

Kangaroos eat grass, leaves, roots, and some flowering plants. Some kangaroos chew their cud to break down the acid in their diet.

Social Environment:

Kangaroos prefer to live alone or in family groups called mobs. When sensing danger, they will beat their tails on the ground and leap suddenly, scattering the mob.

Critter Fact:

Bucks (male kangaroos) "kickbox" in order to win mates. Two male rivals clasp arms and attempt to kick each other in the belly. They are able to stand on their tail while using both hind legs to kick.

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Did You Know?

Most kangaroos cannot walk; they get around by hopping with both feet. Only tree kangaroos are able to move their hind feet independently.

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