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Lesson Plans: Middle School
Survival Skills
Subject: Language Arts
Grade Level: 6-8

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Survival in the Artic demands great skills from the Inuit nation that populates this area. In this lesson, students will learn about the challenges Inuit people face as they attempt to teach their children about the old ways of surviving in an ever-changing world. Students will research the Inuit history and culture and create an in-depth news report based on what they learned about the Inuit Nation.

Overview Procedures for Teachers Organizers for Students
Learning Objectives

Students will be able to:

  • Synthesize information from a variety of sources
  • Interpret facts and express meaning through writing activities
  • Create a news report that captures important elements of the Inuit culture


  • A copy of NATURE'S ARCTIC OASIS program
  • Internet access
  • Paper
  • Video camera (optional)

Bookmark the following sites:

Greenland by Dan Grossman and WBUR
This site provides an opportunity to listen to several simple words and phrases spoken by a young Inuit boy.

Howie Movshovitz of Colorado Public Radio reports that a new movie titled FAST RUNNER deals with the traditions of the Inuit people of northern Canada.

North Country Public Radio
Search this site for a selection of programs on the Inuit.

University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
This site contains examples of Inuit mythology.

Virtual Museum of Canada
This Web site contains a wealth of information and will be instrumental in the creation of the news reports.


Thinking and Reasoning, Standard I, Level III
Understands and applies the basic principles of presenting an argument.

Reading, Standard 5, Level III
Uses the general skills and strategies of the reading process.

Reading, Standard 6, Level III
Uses reading skills and strategies to understand and interpret a variety of informational texts.

Writing, Standard 1, Level III
Uses the general skills and strategies of the writing process.


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