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The Living Edens: Arctic Oasis


Web Sites

Canada Welcomes Nunavut
Take a quiz to test your knowledge of Nunavut, read articles about the territory, or visit the photo gallery all in this Web site.

First Nations: Nunavut
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's site includes an excellent collection of articles on women, health, and politics on the First Nations people of Canada.

Inuit Art Foundation
This non-profit organization is dedicated to promoting Inuit art and helping struggling Inuit artists.

Inuit Circumpolar Conference (ICC)
Learn more about current issues facing the Inuit today at the ICC's website. The ICC brings together representatives from Inuit populations in the circumpolar region.

Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami: Canada's National Inuit Organization
This Web site is a great starting place for those interested in Inuit history and culture.

Nunavut Parks
Read detailed information about the territory's parks, wildlife, and geography. Includes information for travelers on how to immerse themselves in Inuit life.

Nunavut Tourism - Experience Nunavut
All about Nunavut, its creation, people, history, and featuring resources for ecotourism and travel in the region.

Nunavut Travel and Tourism
This site, especially geared towards those ready to make the journey to Nunavut, includes articles and images of the region.

The Nunavut Voyages of Martin Frobisher
Learn about explorer Martin Frobisher's 1577 exploration of the region.


Bruemmer, Fred. ARCTIC ANIMALS. Ashland: NorthWord Inc, 1987.

Sage, Bryan. THE ARCTIC AND ITS WILDLIFE. New York: Facts on File Publications, 1986.

Soper, Tony. THE ARCTIC: A GUIDE TO COASTAL WILDLIFE. Guilford: Brandt Travel Guides, 2001.

Eco Explorer
Go on adventure to the Arctic.

Arctic Adventure
Discover the animals of the region.

Filming Arctic Oasis
Go behind the scenes with the producer.

For Teachers
Students will learn about the Inuit.

Find out more about the Arctic.