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Susan M. Brackney is a Master Naturalist and author of four nonfiction books including Plan Bee: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Hardest-Working Creatures on the Planet.

How to Spot Owls this Winter

If the cold weather and dark skies of the season are starting to get you down, take a cue from our NATURE contributor Susan Brackney and try these tips for owl spotting – a perfect winter past time to help get you through the bleakest time of year.

How Climate Affects the Look and Feel of Fall

Cool temperatures and moist soil are optimal for the most spectacular displays of fall color. However, with the earth’s rising temperatures and more extreme weather events, autumn might not look or feel quite like it used to.

Guilt by Association? How Cats Became Steeped in Superstition

You’ve heard that curiosity killed the cat, but it was actually superstition that did her in—particularly in Medieval Europe and early North American settlements. Understanding how cats became steeped in superstition requires some eye of newt, a dash of folklore, and a splash of old-time religion.