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Budgett's frog
Appreciating "The Best of Nature"

"The Best of Nature": A Reflective Look
Grade level: Grades 3 - 5

Grade level: Grades 9 - 12

For twenty-five years Nature programs have enlightened, educated and delighted their viewers. In this lesson, students will celebrate the best moments of the programs as they create a "That's Incredible" list of their favorite Nature moments. They will also further investigate a topic that caught their interest and create a natural history museum exhibit. After examining the role that observation plays in learning about nature, students will have an opportunity to watch real animals and record their observations.

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For twenty-five years, Nature has swept us along with it on its journeys to record the amazing stories of our planet. In this lesson students will examine the role that nature and wildlife play in our society and in our personal lives. Students will give speeches about the importance of preserving our planet, and reflect on how wildlife and nature impact them on a personal level.

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