Rescuing the Elusive Vaquita

This October, an international team of scientists set out to save the vaquita, the most endangered whale in the world. Recent estimates suggest that as few as 30 individuals remain in the Gulf of California, the slim body of water that separates mainland Mexico from the Baja peninsula. These numbers are considered unsustainable given that every year many vaquitas […]

Mariana Snailfish Tops the List of Weirdest Deep Sea Creatures

The deep sea has always held a certain haunting appeal—no light, crushing pressures, and frigid temperatures. Almost completely unknown until the late 18th century, people assumed nothing could survive down there. But explorers and researchers continue to find that this is far from the case; the deep sea, the world’s largest habitat, is home to […]

How Birds Bedazzled Early European Explorers

Editor’s note: The following is an excerpt from “Birdmania: A Remarkable Passion for Birds” by Bernd Brunner. The book explores humanity’s fascination with birds, showcasing an eclectic and fascinating selection of devotees who would do anything for their feathered friends. When the first birds of paradise arrived with Ferdinand Magellan’s ship Victoria in Seville harbor on September 8, 1522, […]

Wildlife Featured in ‘Viva Puerto Rico’ Weathers Hurricane Maria

On September 20, Hurricane Maria tore across Puerto Rico, wiping out its electrical grid, crippling its water supply, and displacing tens of thousands of people. Shortly after the storm, Governor Ricardo Rosselló called the crisis a “humanitarian disaster.” Some of the island’s most imperiled wildlife and their habitats also took a hit. This past April, […]

Bats Can Learn New ‘Dialects’ from Roostmates

The way you talk says something about where you were raised. Turns out, the same appears to be true for bats. Researchers at Tel Aviv University in Israel found that Egyptian fruit bats (Rousettus aegyptiacus) developed different vocal repertoires based on the calls of the roost they grew up in. The team published their results […]

‘Spy Eggs’ Track Illegal Sea Turtle Egg Trade

In a home workspace once reserved for sewing projects, Kim Williams-Guillén has made way for a 3D printer. But the purpose of the machine isn’t so much for arts and crafts as it is for conservation. For the past year and a half, she’s been using the printer to build devices designed to track poachers […]

Season 36 Sneak Preview

NATURE’s new season debuts October 4th with Naledi: One Little Elephant. The program follows the story of Naledi, an orphaned baby elephant who must come to grips with the loss of her mother and learn to accept the care of her human guardians. Catch a sneak peek of Naledi and some other upcoming films in the season trailer above. […]

When a Hurricane Hits, Should I Rescue Stranded Animals?

As Hurricane Irma churned along the Florida peninsula, several manatees found themselves in compromising situations. You may have read about two that got stuck in mucky limbo near Sarasota, on the west coast, ahead of the encroaching storm. “The winds actually pushed water offshore and drained all the bays and estuaries” on the west coast, […]