Arctic Diary: Tracking Wolves | July 19 | Tough Terrain

It was Jonny’s day to do a bit of exploring and increase our knowledge of the locality, so he followed our tracks east and was able to get over the river that was too strong for “H” and me previously. We’ve all noticed huge daily changes in the rivers around here. Sometimes they are full […]

Arctic Diary: Tracking Wolves | July 17 | Funny Farm

As the wolves were still away hunting – it had been 72 hours now – cameraman Mark was eager to capture the other bits of footage which will make up the whole story and so went off to the beach to see what he could find. He came back with some great “sequences” [these I’ve […]

Arctic Diary: Tracking Wolves | July 6 | Getting Comfortable

We had a little rain overnight; more of our 6cm annual quota. It still seems quite bizarre to me to have rain in this land where I’m normally struggling to get comfortable due to the intense cold.  The snow on the mountains is really getting thin, revealing a vista of grey and brown rocks. These […]

Arctic Diary: Tracking Wolves | July 13 | Bogged Down

We all agreed that the more we knew about the whole area, the better we would be at trying to capture some of the film sequences that were required. So “H” and I planned a recce trip going further east than we had been before. Whoopee! Back to exploring! So “H” and I – suitably […]

Arctic Diary: Tracking Wolves | July 10 | Camp’s Cook

The following day I woke at 1000 hrs despite not finishing filming until 0300 hrs. My duties now were all about supporting the crew as much as they needed: filling the ATVs and generator with fuel; filling cooking stoves with fuel; putting hot water in the thermos flasks; water fetching; battery charging; tiding; making breakfasts, […]

Arctic Diary: Tracking Wolves | July 7 | Supply Drop

Friday was the big day when Jonny Keeling, the producer, and Mark Smith, the cameraman, had been due to arrive. We were to pick up all the camera gear and the rest of our supplies from the makeshift airstrip and finally be reunited with the gear we left at Camp One. But all of that […]

Arctic Diary: Tracking Wolves | July 4 | Introducing Gordon

“H” was very keen to keep observing the wolves which was very understandable but having risked the sea ice the previous day and got away with it and the rivers on previous occasions, I thought we’d be looking at trouble if we were to continue our little commute each day. So we hatched a plan […]

Arctic Diary: Tracking Wolves | July 3 | I Love Lucy

Having, beyond all expectations, found a wolf den we had thought that the day’s events were over. We reached our camp on the beach and settled down to a well-earned supper. The seemingly impossible task of finding a den was completed in just three days and called for a celebratory wee dram of Canada’s finest […]

Arctic Diary: Tracking Wolves | June 28 | Tracking Bertie

Having met Bertie the previous day and then seen him disappear across the plain towards the east, we woke up determined to try to get further east ourselves to see if we could stumble across his den. The thought of crossing raging rivers or driving on the rapidly melting ice didn’t sit well with me […]