A filmmaker goes in search of the scary and fascinating creatures that feed on blood in NATURE's BLOODY SUCKERS.

Wildlife filmmaker Mark Ferns believes in vampires, and with good reason. He's encountered them by the millions. And on one windy, foreboding night in a remote Caribbean fishing village, a vampire attacked him, biting deeply and drinking his blood for nearly 10 minutes.

Those who doubt this tale can watch it unfold for themselves when NATURE presents BLOODY SUCKERS, a blood-curdling exploration of the surprisingly broad range of wildlife that thrives on other creatures' blood.

It's easy perhaps to guess that Mr. Ferns's nocturnal assailant was a vampire bat, of which there are several varieties. And of course the world's most ubiquitous consumer of blood is the mosquito. But the list of "suckers" also includes a certain species of butterfly, a most annoying and sometimes deadly South American insect called a chipo, and a small Amazonian fish known as the candiru. And let's not forget the famous leeches that were often put to work -- and sometimes still are -- by practitioners of the medical arts.

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