Broken Tail: A Tiger’s Last Journey

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11_002809Broken Tail’s body is removed from the site of the accident in Darra.
10_002809Stafford-Johnson and Salim on their journey to find out what happened to Broken Tail. The trail takes them all the way to Darra, 100 miles outside of Ranthambhore.
09_002809Tigers are mostly solitary individuals, living alone for the majority of their lifetime.
08_002809A tiger peeks out of the bush. Its vertical stripes allow the tiger to blend in with the long grass when it hunts for prey.
07_002809A tiger lies next to a ruin in the park. Ranthambhore used to be a private hunting reserve for Indian royalty. Now abandoned, it is used as a wildlife preserve.
06_002809Stafford-Johnson and Salim ride in their jeep. The duo spent 600 days filming Broken Tail, from his birth until his sudden disappearance.
05_002809Broken Tail and Slant Ear play-fight in the Ranthambhore.
04_002809Broken Tail was fearless and would often approach Stafford-Johnson and local guide, Salim Ali, as they filmed him in the park.
03_002809Even as a cub, Broken Tail was charismatic, exuberant, and bold – walking around as if he owned Ranthambhore.
02_002809Broken Tail’s mother, Machli, leads him and his brother, Slant Ear, through their park home.
01_002809Wildlife filmmaker Colin Stafford-Johnson in Ranthambhore National Park.