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Video-Enhanced Lesson

Survival of the Fastest: Predators and Prey on the African Savannah: Lesson Overview

Using clips from NATURE, in this lesson students will learn about the various attributes of different predators on the African grasslands.

Jun 29th, 2010 | Comments

Video-Enhanced Lesson

The Loneliest Animals: Lesson Overview

This lesson uses clips from NATURE's episode "The Loneliest Animals" to explore a variety of captive breeding programs. (Grades 5-8)

Apr 16th, 2009 | Comments

Video-Enhanced Lesson

From Wolf to Dog: Lesson Overview

During this video-enhanced lesson, using clips from NATURE's "Dogs that Changed the World," students will learn that all dogs came from one ancestor- the wolf. (Grades 5-8)

Apr 16th, 2009 | Comments

Video-Enhanced Lesson

Bringing Up Birdy: Lesson Overview

This video-enhanced lesson uses the eagle to model universal avian life stages. (Grades 2-3)

Apr 15th, 2009 | Comments

U-G-L-Y? I’ve Got a Great Alibi: Lesson

There are important reasons why certain "ugly" animals look the way they do. Their features help them survive in the great outdoors. In this lesson students will explore their reactions to these less than lovely creatures.

Jun 9th, 2008 | Comments

Ugly? Says Who?: Lesson

We often talk about the beauty of nature. Well, sometimes you have to dig a little deeper to appreciate the beauty of some funny looking creatures.

Jun 9th, 2008 | Comments

Fightless Birds and Scientific Research: Lesson

In this lesson, students will research what scientists are studying on Antarctica and what they hope to gain from their research. They will also create a multi-media story about the challenges penguins face living in this harsh environment.

Jun 4th, 2008 | Comments

Penguins: Sensitive Indicators: Lesson

In this lesson, students will gather information regarding penguins and write a story from a penguin's point-of-view that describes his or her daily life. Students will also research the impact of climate change on Antarctica and create a poster to call attention to the topic.

Jun 4th, 2008 | Comments

Who’s Afraid of the Big, Bad Wolf?: Lesson

In this lesson, students will use their observation skills and primary sources to learn how wolves communicate. Students will also study the complexities of the wolf and write a story that will help dispel the idea that wolves are inherently "good" or "evil."

Jun 2nd, 2008 | Comments
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