Springs Eternal: Florida’s Fountain of Youth


Divers find unseen world harboring strange ecology in NATURE’s Springs Eternal: Florida’s Fountain of Youth. According to legend, Spanish explorers believed that a fountain of eternal youth bubbled up to the surface somewhere in the place we know today as Florida. In a poetic way, they were right. Beneath Florida lie hundreds of miles of […]

Springs Eternal: Florida’s Fountain of Youth

Manatees: Monsters or Mermaids?

Early explorers hacking their way across Florida’s bushy landscape sometimes returned with amazing stories of mermaids basking in sparkling waters — or hideous monsters patrolling the seas. As NATURE’s Springs Eternal reveals, however, these tall tales were inspired by one of the most remarkable inhabitants of Florida’s springs: the manatee, or sea cow. Manatees are […]

Springs Eternal: Florida’s Fountain of Youth

Diving in the Dark

“It’s the most awesome thing I’ve ever seen.” That is how K. Michael Garman, a cave diver and researcher featured on NATURE’s Springs Eternal, describes the Dragon’s Lair, an unusual cavern he is studying in Crystal Beach Spring on Florida’s west coast. As Springs Eternal shows, the Dragon’s Lair gets its name from a remarkable […]

The Octopus Show


With footage of octopus species rarely, if ever, seen before — including one with giant eyes and another with antennae in place of suction cups — Nature takes viewers into the deepest realms of the ocean for a front-row view of THE OCTOPUS SHOW.

Christmas in Yellowstone

Interview: Filmmaker Shane Moore

Shane Moore has been a nature and wildlife documentary filmmaker for more than three decades. He has made several films for NATURE, include most recently The Good, The Bad and the Grizzly. Below, he shares thoughts on the making of Christmas in Yellowstone.   Q: You live in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Does your proximity to […]

The Urban Elephant


NATURE explores the unusual problems created as the struggle to give Asian elephants a home is fought worldwide. They have a history of captivity that stretches over 200 years. They participate with humans in a surprising array of professions, including tourism, construction, and performance. And their gigantic footsteps may disappear from the face of the […]

Wild Horses of Mongolia with Julia Roberts


Julia Roberts lives among the nomads of Mongolia and discovers their special relationship with the wild horse. Mongolia is home to the only true wild horses known to still exist. Julia Roberts, who shares a passion for horses with the Mongolian people, went there to sample life as a nomad on the steppes of central […]

Filming Wildlife: Producers Discuss the Challenges

Nature films allow us, as viewers, to witness marvels of nature that we might not ordinarily see — or even know of. But achieving that is no simple task. A nature producer’s work can be arduous. Working in remote, unforgiving environments, contending with weather that doesn’t often cooperate, filming subjects that are shy and elusive, […]