War Wrecks of the Coral Seas

Diving War Wrecks

It’s called “Iron Bottom Sound.” Between 1941 and 1945, this swath of ocean off the South Pacific island of Guadalcanal saw some of the fiercest fighting of World War II, with American and Japanese forces clashing almost daily at times. For some, the name still conjures up memories of pain, bravery, and brushes with death. […]

The Secret World of Sharks and Rays


NATURE lifts part of the veil of mystery shrouding some fascinating — and often fearsome — creatures in The Secret World of Sharks and Rays. Sharks and their biological cousins, the rays, are among the highest-profile denizens of the deep, thanks to the popularity of books and films that have cast them in leading roles […]


NATURE’s The Reptiles: Lizards explores the world of the great escape artists of the wild, and looks at their remarkable bag of tricks. The Reptiles series concludes with the most extraordinarily diverse of all reptiles. Lizards can be found on mountain tops, in the oceans, and in deserts and forests. Viewers meet some of nature’s most […]

The Reptiles


NATURE’s The Reptiles: Turtles and Tortoises takes a close look at ancient creatures marching slowly through the millennia. A turtle’s shell is among the most peculiar but successful pieces of design in the natural world. Unchanged for 200 million years, it has allowed the various species of turtles to populate almost everywhere in the world. But […]

Bloody Suckers

Leech Therapy

They bite, slither, and slide — and they save fingers and lives. While the sight of a wriggling, blood-sucking leech may make many people feel queasy, the spineless worms can also help people feel better — as NATURE’s BLOODY SUCKERS shows. The ancient physician’s art of using leeches has made a modern medical comeback: the […]

Tall Blondes


Travel around the world and learn more about a one-of-a-kind animal, as Lynn Sherr presents a beguiling portrait of giraffes. Lynn Sherr, the award-winning correspondent for ABC TV’s 20/20 newsmagazine, went to Africa for the first time in 1973 and fell in love — with giraffes. “They were a dazzling, unexpected revelation: gawky, graceful anomalies; […]

Gremlins: Faces in the Forest

Jungle Neighbors

Woolly monkeys live high in the trees. The marmosets and tamarins of the NATURE program GREMLINS: FACES IN THE FOREST share the jungle with many other creatures. Here’s a look at some of them. Woolly monkeys live in the South American rainforest from northern Colombia to Peru. Like marmosets and tamarins, they live in large […]

Gremlins: Faces in the Forest


A “gremlin” can fit in a person’s hand. Deep in the Amazon jungle live creatures, small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, that spend their days in the vertical world of the rainforest and their nights in hollow tree trunks. Beloved by the local Satare Maue Indians, who live alongside them, marmosets […]