Animal Reunions

Gorilla Reunited with an Old Friend

Damian Aspinall, a millionaire entrepreneur and conservationist, travels to the African country of Gabon in the hope of reuniting with Kwibi, a ten year-old male gorilla. Kwibi was born in Damian’s wildlife park in rural England, but was released to the wild along with six other young gorillas.

Animal Reunions

Bedtime at the Elephant Orphanage

At Nairobi’s David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust elephant orphanage,  caretakers sleep beside the residents to keep them company.  The caretakers spend each night with a different orphaned elephant, to prevent them from becoming too attached.

Animal Reunions


What happens when people are reunited with the wild animals with which they forged a deep bond years ago? Will these gorillas, elephants, cheetahs and chimpanzees still recognize their human caregivers and how will they react? That is the premise of this program which also raises the question whether wild creatures can really experience emotions […]

Snow Chick

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During two months of blizzards and frigid temperatures dipping to -80 degrees, each male Emperor penguin who breeds in Antarctica must nurture and protect a single egg that harbors his offspring. But once the eggs hatch by midwinter, these dads are ready to move on to their next stage of parenting. Snow Chick imagines the […]

Snow Chick

Penguin Invasion!

The Adélie penguin (Pygoscelis adeliae) is a species of penguin common along the entire Antarctic coast. During the breeding season, they congregate in large colonies, some over a quarter of a million pairs. Much to the annoyance of the larger Emperor penguin, their breeding grounds overlap.

Raising the Dinosaur Giant

360-degree Virtual Tour of a Dinosaur Giant

Have scientists discovered the biggest animal to have ever walked the planet? Deep in a South American desert, a giant is being awakened after 101 million years of sleep. Take a 360 degree virtual tour of this dino giant with legendary naturalist and broadcaster Sir David Attenborough. Desktop users can click and drag on the […]