Snowbound: Animals of Winter


Snowbound: Animals of Winter airs Wednesday, January 11, 2017 at 8 p.m. (ET) on PBS (check local listings).  The coldest and snowiest places on earth pose a challenge to anyone visiting such locations as the Arctic Circle or Antarctica, but what about the year-round animal population? How do they cope for many months with life […]

Spy in the Wild: A NATURE mini-series

Spy Creatures’ Memorable Moments

The producers of the NATURE mini-series Spy in the Wild share the most memorable, harrowing and hilarious moments working with a host of animatronic ‘spy creatures’. Click through the slideshow below for photos of the spy creatures and their stories.

Spy in the Wild: A NATURE mini-series

Producer Bios

John Downer Executive Producer and Director of John Downer Productions A passionate zoologist, John has been making ground breaking nature documentaries for the BBC for over 30 years. He made his name by abandoning the traditional style of nature documentaries and pioneering a highly inventive subjective approach. Using new technology and dramatic story-telling techniques he […]

The Story of Cats

Episode 2 | Into the Americas

In the second part of The Story of Cats, we discover how cats first crossed from Asia into North America and how they went on to become the top predators of the continent.  Today there are 13 feline species in the Americas – from the mighty jaguar, to the urban mountain lion, to the curious […]

The Story of Cats

Submit Your Photos of Cats Watching NATURE!

The NATURE mini-series The Story of Cats features cats from around the world, from the lush jungles of Asia to snow swept peaks of the Himalayas to the comfort of our own homes. What could be more perfect than our closest feline companions watching their wild relatives on TV? Want to get in on the fun? […]

The Story of Cats

Episode 1 | Asia to Africa

In the first episode of The Story of Cats, we discover how the first cats arose in the forests of Asia, how they spread across the continent, and later came to conquer Africa.  We reveal how they evolved flexible limbs to climb, giant bodies to survive in the cold, and super senses to catch prey.  […]

Full Episode

It’s ironic that the life of one of the world’s most identifiable and popular wild animals, the giraffe, is still something of a mystery. As these giants began to be studied, it was revealed that they don’t need to drink in the desert because they can get enough water just eating leaves. Another important finding […]

The Story of Cats

Grumpy-Faced Cat is a Mountain Survivor

Pallas’s cats have learned to cope with mountain life. They often live in rock dens, which keep them well protected. They hunt insects, small rodents, and birds by using rocks for cover. But out in the open these 9 pound cats are vulnerable to attack from eagles and wolves, so they move with extreme caution.