Snow Monkeys


In the frigid valleys of Japan’s Shiga Highlands, a troop of snow monkeys make their way and raise their families in a complex society of rank and privilege where each knows their place. Their leader is still new to the job and something of a solitary grouch. But one little monkey, innocently unaware of his […]

Animal Misfits

Mudskippers Search for a Meal

Mudskippers, a type of fish that can breathe air, scour the beach on the coast of Japan looking for their next meal.

A Sloth Named Velcro

Baby Pygmy Sloth Clings to Mom

Journalist Ana Salceda searches for pygmy three-toed sloths (Bradypus pygmaeus) on Isla Escudo de Veraguas, a small island off the coast of Panama. What she finds exceeds her expectations–a sloth mother with a baby in tow. “A Sloth Named Velcro” premieres Wednesday, November 5, 2014 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on PBS. Check your local listings.

Animal Misfits

Animal Misfit Yearbook Photos

Have you ever felt awkward? Like you just didn’t fit in with the group? You’re not alone. There are certain species of animals that seem like oddballs compared to the rest of the family. For example, the giant panda is the only bear that subsists solely on plants. The stalk-eyed fly has eyes spaced impossibly […]

Animal Misfits

Full Episode

Life on earth is incredibly diverse, but it’s not always what you might expect.  Alongside the fastest, strongest, smartest animals are nature’s misfits.  These odd, bizarre and unlikely creatures at first glance seem-ill equipped for survival.  Left at the starting line in the race for life, these are the apparent losers in the story of […]

Animal Misfits

Which Animal Misfit Are You?

Photo credits: Hanging In There by Vicki & Chuck Rogers Hiking by Moyan Brenn Nice France sunbathing beach by Nick Papakyriazis Being a boy by Steven Tyrie Napping by Asim Bharwani Salad by Slice of Chic Shrimp Cocktail Prawns 2011 Summer Vacation by Steven Depolo Chocolate Grasshoppers by Stefanos Kofopoulos sauteeing oysters by wayne marshall […]

How to Build a Penguin Spy Cam

The penguin spy cams featured in Penguins: Spy in the Huddle can withstand pounding waves and extreme temperatures. But what about penguin cam that only needs to withstand pounding the pavement and the occasional run-in with a dog? That’s exactly what the online team at WNET (the PBS station that produces NATURE) built and they […]