Clip | My Congo - Close Encounter with Huge Silverback Gorilla

Cameraman Vianet D’jenguet follows a troop of Western Lowland Gorillas through the Congo jungle.  He encounters a large silverback male named Bouka. Although he pretends to ignore Vianet and his crew, the gorilla is actually keeping a very close eye on them in order to protect his family.

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We are in the best place to see Western Lowland Gorillas in the wild, anywhere on earth.

It's really easy to see the Gorillas close.

But one thing is, to film them, is a different story.

I wear this mask because gorillas are so like us that they can catch the same diseases.

And we don't want that!

They are going deeper and deeper in the foliage.

And then - there he is ... the silverback.

Even though I know he is used to people - it doesn't mean he's not intimidating.

I just got close to the ebobo.

Ebobo means gorilla in the local language.

I know he is a gentle vegetarian, but my heart is racing to be so close to him.

He is huge.

He's really close.

His name is Bouka - and though he pretends to ignore us, he is actually keeping a very close eye on us to protect his family.

I can't get over how big he is.

His hands, if you look at close is like three times my hand.

And his arm is like that.

I've got a big arm.

But his is four, four times my arm.