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Critter Guide
Mammals: Zebra


Zebras are part of the horse family. Their mane hair is stiff and their black and white stripes attract attention. There are a few species of zebras, all with different types of stripes, but all herds are lead by a male.

Where do they live?:

There are huge herds in the Serengeti in East Africa and smaller herds in other parts of Africa.

What do they eat?:

Zebras graze on grass, just like wild horses and will also eat roots, fruit, and other vegetation. Zebras themselves are eaten by lions and leopards. Water is very important to zebras. If they get very thirsty, they might even dig for it.

Critter Fact:

Every zebra has a unique pattern of stripes.

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Did You Know?

It is believed that zebras have stripes in order to confuse predators. When a herd of zebras run away from a predator, their swirl of stripes can make an individual hard to pick out from the crowd.

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