Dolphins: Spy in the Pod

Part 2 | Full Episode

They’re back! Those remote-controlled robotic cameras return to infiltrate the world of dolphins around the globe and capture behavior that has never been filmed before. This time, the Spy Creatures go underwater. Thirteen animatronic spy cameras were designed to do the job including Spy Dolphin, Spy Turtle, Spy Squid, Spy Nautilus, Spy Baby Dolphin, Spy Tuna, Spy Ray, and Spy Puffer. Their eyes are state-of-the-art cameras. (In the case of Spy Tuna, the camera is its mouth.)

In episode two, the different hunting targets of the orca, the world’s largest dolphin, are shown: one pod pursues only fish, while another specializes in catching dolphins and seals. The film reveals that these pods never interact and even speak different orca dialects. Depending on the prey, orcas either employ shock and awe or switch to stealth mode in pursuit of a meal. However, Dall’s porpoises, the fastest dolphins in the ocean, rarely succumb to the orca as they reach speeds of over 35 miles per hour. Other topics explored by the “spycams” in the second hour include the dolphins’ initiation rites, strange rituals, unusual sleeping methods, and the use of a bouquet of seaweed as a proven courting technique. The series concludes with Spy Squid’s ultimate sacrifice while valiantly filming its archenemy, the potato cod.