Clip | Dolphins: Spy in the Pod | Part 1 - Spinner Dolphins Captured by ‘Spy Tuna’

Spy Tuna, an underwater animatronic camera, follows a ‘super pod’ of spinner dolphins. Spinners are known for their twisting aerial jumps, which no other dolphin species can accomplish.

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Spy Tuna can rapidly infiltrate these dolphins.

And use the camera in her mouth to capture the first ever images from inside the pod.

She soon discovers that what Spy Dolphin saw at the surface was just the tip of the iceberg.

Although dolphins normally travel in small groups, they sometimes come together in spectacular numbers.

This is a super pod made up of hundreds upon hundreds of dolphins.

But it''s not Spy Tuna''s only revelation.

She soon discovers just how their extraordinary leaps are performed.

Rapid beats of the tail provide the power.

While twisting starts as they leave the water.

Sheer muscle drives their spectacular aerial displays.

No other dolphin accomplishes these astonishing corkscrews.