Elsa’s Legacy: The Born Free Story

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Elsa's LegacyThe Adamsons' work sparked an appreciation for wildlife and a sense of urgency in protecting animal populations.
Tony Fitzjohn by George's GraveConservationist Tony Fitzjohn stands by the grave of close friend and mentor, George Adamson. George is buried in Kora Park, next to his favorite lion, Boy.
Vulnerable LionsAlthough lions are rarely associated with the word vulnerable, lion populations are increasingly at-risk due to loss of habitat, loss of prey, and human-lion conflicts.
George's Camp in KoraAn aerial view of George Adamson's lion rehabilitation camp in Kora. He dedicated his life to reintroducing formerly captive lions back into the wild.
Filming "Born Free"A still from the 1966 feature film "Born Free." Virginia McKenna, who played Joy in the film, continues to be active in lion conservation efforts.
George's DiariesGeorge Adamson’s personal diaries and writings give us new insight into Elsa, his relationship with Joy, and the lion rehabilitation projects.
Group LivingLions have complex social structures and live in large groups known as prides.
The Dangerous WildAlthough Elsa was able to return to the wild, the odds were against her. Lions are territorial, competitive, and unwelcoming to newcomers.
George and ElsaGeorge Adamson with Elsa in Meru Park, Kenya. He played a key role in reintroducing Elsa into the Kenyan wild.
A Lion CubA young lion at the Selenkay Conservancy in Kenya.
Joy and ElsaJoy Adamson embracing her adopted orphan cub Elsa.
LionessA lioness emerges from the brush at the Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania.