A Lemur's Tale
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Web Credits

Ronnie Godeanu

David Malakoff

Art Director
Sabina Daley

Graphic Art
Michael Pittard

Production Artist
Meiza Fleitas

Technical Director
Brian Patrick Lee

Scientific Consultant
Gianna Scaralia

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  • jim

    This was a very good episode explaining the social order of a troop of lemurs, with its sometimes tragic results.the show also goes into the problems lemurs are facing with human encroahment on their habitat. I hope the people of madegasgar can find time and space to conserve these magnificent creatures. another show in the nature series that deals with lemurs is in the in the wild series episode Lemurs featuring john cleese as the guest narrator. this episode was veri informative and Cleese adds his brand of humor to make it a very entertaining episode

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