A Lemur's Tale
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Deep in the thorn forests of Madagascar live troops of ring-tailed lemurs, the most beautiful and most social of Madagascar’s extraordinary primates. Our story follows five baby lemurs as they try to make their way in the world. In an intimate portrait never before filmed, we learn of their high times, their sufferings, and the special bonds that hold their unique society together.

This program premiered February 23, 1997.

  • Malik Browder

    This was a wonderful classic episode that I faintly remember around the time it premiered. After just seeing it now everything just came back to me, thanks to some familiar scenes that I specifically remember from this episode and the unmistakable voice of George Page, the initiating voice of NATURE!

  • Mary Price

    By chance this evening, I found this remarkable show about the ring-tailed lemurs. I saw it years ago and fell in love with these animals. I remember, also, a clip showing the various lemurs’ faces, painted by a skilled aritist. The idea seemed to be that lemurs could communicate by showing each other their facial markings. I’d like to see that clip again. Thank you for all of your wonderful shows.

  • Jeff Schwartz

    Sometimes, Mother Nature is just not fair – sometimes she is just brutal!! This is the reason that I could NEVER do this – I would have helped!! I would have taken them to a vet – (if one even exists) – or done something to at least try to help them survive!! What a truly remarkable documentary!!!!!!!

  • Ken Ozyuk

    A fascinating program.

  • Ray Marak

    I have always been fascinated with lemurs and hold a B.S. & M.S. in Biology. Right after 911 I flew out to San Francisco to visit some friends for New Years. They wanted to go to a club which I believe was called Universe and for some reason that evening they had a wildlife or zoo theme. When I saw they had a lemur I made a “bee-line” path to get to the lady who’s shoulders the lemur was sitting on. I don’t even think she was in an area that most people could get to. Be that as it may I talked with her for about an hour the best I could over the extremely loud music. I asked her about that as the lemur didn’t seem phased at all by all the club music blaring. She eventually let me hold the lemur and I remember it crawling all over me. Of course I am geek and loved every minute of me and was the highlight of my New Years eve and trip out to California. I just find them extremely fascinating and enjoyed this video, even the sad parts about Saphire and the hyper-active baby lemur: we can’t fight nature and life & death are going to happen. Thanks again. I just love Nature.

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  • Lorren Daro

    This episode of Nature entitled, “A Lemur’s Tale” will not play because of an error message that says, ‘This video is not currently available’. I remember seeing this episode when it premiered in February, 1997, and I would love to see it again. Is there anything you can do to make this video playable?

    Please reply as to what the problem is, and when it will again be available.


    Lorren Daro

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