A Murder of Crows
Director Commentary: Roosting Crows

Filmmaker Susan Fleming describes the awe-inspiring sight of a massive crow roost and explains with infrared imagery how crows retain heat during the night.

  • Janine

    They lose heat from their faces….interesting! Being a bird owner I notice how birds tuck their heads/beaks into their wings. I wonder if this is the reason why.
    Thanks for the video clip and the great story.

  • Angelo.

    From my understanding, does this specific trait apply for every bird in the planet?… Thanks for the video and story.

  • David P Craig

    I’ll never forget what happened working with you on a great show. Instant classic and what a great bit of extra footage. Thanks for being a great observer of natural history and for reading widely. It’d be great to have your story about when you conceived of this special. Can’t wait for your next program.

  • Grace McCarron

    Help. I am trying to learn more about crows roosts but when I try and watch a video on this channel I am prompted that:
    This video is not available in your region due to rights restrictions.
    Can I overcome this?

  • Joy Fertsch


    What a great video clip. To bad it did not make the final cut. It would have been a great addition.
    I really enjoyed the whole show and actually bought a copy to enjoy at my leasure.
    Thanks again and hope you continue your fascinating work.

  • Sally Lynch

    I have long loved/appreciated/respected/been fascinated by crows. This show let me know I was correct in many of my beliefs concerning them.
    For example: They recognized my vehicle (even when changed) and me and would wait down the road from my house and follow me. They knew (remembered) the times of the day when I usually “fed” them– and let me know when I was late or missed a feeding. They taught their young through the years that I was okay and could be trusted. They even would get as close to my windows as possible and loudly let me know it was past the usual time if I dared to sleep in!
    Sadly- after a new neighbor moved in with a cat they allowed out to roam I could no longer continue what I had so enjoyed for over 15 years. The crow’s attitude toward me changed and I miss them but would not put them in harm’s way.
    Thank you for a wonderful show.

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